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Robert & Amanda’s Private Wedding in the Enchanting Setting of Temecula!


There goes a lot of thinking when it comes to planning the most special day of your life, doesn’t matter where your wedding day falls on the calendar. But this sudden breakdown of the global pandemic a few months ago has made everybody’s world go upside down, especially the soon-to-be-married couples! So, if your save-the-date happens to be in the midst of this coronavirus crisis, then there are too many things that might not go with your plan, and you can’t do anything about it! But as we say ‘Love knows no boundaries and limitations!’ doesn’t matter whether it’s COVID or the world is collapsing, if you have made up your mind to get married to the love of your life, we are sure you will find a way to make things work in your favor! When you make the effort, even the universe will get in the alliance with your thoughts and plans and has to surrender in front of your love! And that happened to our head over heels-in-love Temecula couple- Robert and Amanda! 


When today’s beautiful and lovely Temecula couple Robert and Amanda was forced to cancel their elegant wedding venue due to this pandemic COVID hit, luckily they both found somewhere equally as stunning and even more meaningful to celebrate the most important day of their lives, a private residence with surreal settings in the area! With sweeping willow trees and a gleaming romantic pond on the property, it made for the perfect place to say “I do!’. This not so famous but serene and panoramic property made Robert and Amanda’s wedding day an unforgettable experience for all their 150 wedding guests! They adorned the space with lush, pastel summer blooms while our Temecula wedding photographers captured all the magic that happened on their wedding day in the best of frames! 


The moment our wedding photographers in Temecula met Robert and Amanda, they knew that nothing in the world could have stopped these two love-struck couples from getting hitched together! The way they looked at each other was something that made us believe in the magic of love! Robert and Amanda claimed that they knew the other was ‘the one’ and it has been true and eternal happiness ever since they started dating! As lovers of good bourbon and classic elegance and sophistication, they both knew that their wedding day would emulate these things! Alas, they had to cancel their wedding venue and opted, instead, for an intimate outdoor ceremony in the nearby residence! And guess what! It turned out to be a big win-win situation for Robert and Amanda! 


Our wedding photographers started capturing Robert and Amanda’s wedding day, with the getting-ready shots of Amanda! They flawlessly captured the fantoccini wearing Amanda’s intricate floral detailed mermaid wedding gown with a long netted train, along with the dresses of her beautiful bridesmaids and flower girl! The white and cherry wine color of the dresses made an elegant and classy combination of the colors! No wonder, Amanda’s getting-ready moments had a fusion of beautiful colors! Before she donned her beautiful wedding dress, she along with her entire bridal party posed for some relaxed pre-wedding photos in their tuning casual shorts and shirt wear! While Amanda was glowing in those white shorts and shirt, her bridesmaids were looking steaming and tantalizing in those stunning black shorts and shirts! 


After their fun-loving pre-wedding photography, our skilled and professional wedding photographers captured fine and detailed pictures of Robert and Amanda’s wedding invitation card! As the wedding card said that they chose August 15, 2020, for their wedding day, the wedding rings placed over the card showed that they are all set to rock their wedding day in full swing! 


With the help from her bridesmaids, Amanda slipped into her stunning wedding dress! The subtle V-neckline of her beautiful wedding gown was tasteful for any setting, while the thin straps seemed to float over the shoulders made her curvaceous body look flawless! Artfully placed, the scrolling patterns of the graphic laces were carefully nestled amongst the lacy liner details to sculpt and shape her figure in this relaxed fit-and-flare silhouette! Floating straps at the back offered a small peek-a-boo opening–giving it that little back statement that highlighted her beautiful body! Finally, the teardrop-shaped train completed with elongated lace details was all set to make her entrance grand, the moment she would have walked down the aisle! She kept her bridal makeup to very minimal, as she perfectly pulled off something similar by going for strong brows, a nude lip, a rich eyeliner, and flawlessly highlighted cheekbones! Her minimal bridal look highlighted her facial beauty in abundance! She coupled her wedding dress with a beautiful solitaire studded neckpiece and similar styled small drop earrings! Her beautiful blonde hair was parted from the center and was tied in a loose and messy hair bun! The soft curls falling on her face perfectly complemented her beautiful smile that had the potential to light up the whole town that day! 


Amanda took the opportunity to pose with her wedding party who were undoubtedly slaying their look in their beautiful cherry colored flowing gown! The bottle of champagne indicated that she is all set to take a few sips before she says goodbye to her bachelorhood! No wonder, the girls were slaying the photos like a pro! 


Amanda was glowing like a moon on the full moon night when our wedding photographers in and around Temecula clicked the photos of her stepping out of the car! After which the bride and her bridesmaids took the opportunity offered by the beautiful outdoors and posed for some outdoor photos under a huge tree overlooking a gleaming pond! Later she posed with her dearest daddy who planted a peck on her gorgeous cheeks while holding back his tears of joy and happiness! Seeing lovely fathers sharing some last moments with their daughters before they get hitched is always emotional and brings tears of joy in our photographers’ eyes too! (thank god they do carry enough tissues with them!)


Amanda walked down the aisle with her best man- her daddy towards the love of his life- Robert, who was looking breathtakingly amazing in his black suit. Robert was looking nothing less than a heart-throb in his complete groom look! He was slaying his groom look like a boss! His pompadour style with a large beard and mustache was a very hipster-like look! Undoubtedly, he was looking really cool in all his wedding photos, as he was effortlessly able to show off his style and thus set the trend for soon-to-be-married grooms who are planning to opt for this kind of look on their wedding day!


On reaching the wedding altar, Robert and Amanda exchanged their wedding vows that made everyone smile and wipe out their tears at the same time! Amanda was looking drop-dead gorgeous in her wedding dress, especially the long wedding veil, which made her look like a princess who is all ready to leave the whole world with his prince charming, who was also looking undeniably handsome! Their wedding rings made their way to their ring fingers after which they didn’t waste a second and got themselves immersed in the moment of their first kiss as newlyweds! The happy and lovey-dovey couple walked off the aisle together as the happily married couple! Seeing them that way made us realize that when you want something with all your hearts, the universe always tends to fulfill your wishes, and that’s what happened with our lovely couple! 


After their wedding ceremony, they headed to the outdoors, where their squads were waiting to get clicked with them! Amanda posed with the groomsmen who rocked their head-to-toe black look like a pro! The incredible combination of cherry wine on one side and all black on the other side made Robert and Amanda’s wedding photos swoon-worthy! The lovely couple also posed with their sweet little and adorable flower girl who was looking like an angel in her impeccable white frock! Once they were done posing with their family and friends, our Temecula suburbs wedding photographers captured some utterly romantic photos of them! The rustic grounds made the perfect setting for all their magical couple portraits! Our wedding photographer captured a zoomed-in picture of Robert and Amanda holding hands together where Amanda’s beautiful manicured hands were completing her wedding ring! 


They left no stone unturned with our wedding photographers! That incredible couple portrait, where Robert and Amanda stealing a kiss while the rocky mountains in the background witnessed their union, definitely took our hearts away (we just can’t stop ourselves from gushing over it!). The other picture where Robert was holding Amanda from her waist and kissing her, while the long train of her wedding dress flowing on the ground, is surely gonna get them more than thousands of likes on Instagram! Looking at Robert and Amanda, made us believe that we all are made in pairs and our true beauty comes out alive the moment we find our other half! Robert and Amanda were looking nothing less than a dream couple to our wedding photographers! 


After their couple portrait session, they headed for their indoor wedding reception. The tent-style setting of their reception was incredibly amazing! Everything decorated in white was enough for their wedding guests to get mesmerized! They both took to the dance floor to share some choreographed moves and spins during their first dance moment! While everybody was savoring the moment, Robert and Amanda went outside with our wedding photographers to get some couple portraits clicked during the golden hour of the sunset! What an incredible and fantastic way to end a beautiful day! Kissing each other while the setting sun casts its golden glow over you! Beautiful and enchanting! Isn’t it?


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