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Best Practices for Getting Married During Coronavirus Concern


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and maintain six feet of distance.

Wait, what?

As we come across so many couples trying to find innovative and creative ways to get married amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our faith deepens in the fact that after all, love conquers everything. There are so many couples around the US who had to cancel their original wedding plans and resort to a more intimate affair. If you are one of those couples who decided to go for the original plan anyway, we can definitely do it together if we plan well. Your wedding day is after all day one of a new life filled with hopes and dreams, and if taking certain measures and planning it right can evoke sheer happiness and joy for both of you, then why not?

Getting married during a pandemic situation is nobody's original dream. Going from planning every small detail of the big day with perfection to marrying your love in the backyard can be the most unusual thing ever. (or rather romantic?) The transition from getting married amidst a magical fairytale setting in a sheath wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline to getting hitched in a sundress under a tree in the yard can break hearts of you and everyone who planned to be a part of this special day.

While there are couples for whom postponing their wedding date seemed like the best decision, likewise for many couples, it’s now or never, and they chose to seize the moment. There is no right or wrong here. Every decision is right if planned correctly.

Here are certain things to keep in mind while exchanging vows amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

CDC guidelines

The first step to planning a wedding amidst the Coronavirus pandemic is to follow the guidelines laid out by the CDC. Yes, while you are planning, it is important to heed the instructions given to the wedding vendors. And checking whether they are following them or not, should be of utmost importance. The situation is tricky and filled with risks. To make sure your guests are safe, check with your venue regarding the steps they are taking to ensure safety according to the CDC guidelines. If your venue is closed and you are planning to host your wedding at home, you should check with the dos and don’ts by the government and follow them strictly.


Smaller guest count

Going by the recent curb in travel regulations, the original guest count might drop radically. The out-of-town guests might cancel their flights and trains, and the local guests might choose to distance themselves as a requisite to the current need for social distancing. It may sound a little upsetting at the beginning, but, remember that something bigger and better is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel, and you can have your dream wedding reception when this is all over.


Prioritize the vendors

Going by the low guest count, there will be inevitable changes in the requirements and priorities of wedding vendors. For example, keeping the F&B to a minimum for the low guest count, along with canceling the florist and DJ for the moment, might sound like a good idea. But our wedding photographers can play a key role on your special day, as they capture the precious nuances and moments shared by you and your sweetheart as you embark on this journey called life. Be it your big fat palatial wedding or an intimate living room affair, the priceless moments that this day will entail should undoubtedly be captured and framed to be cherished for all the years to come.


Sourcing local goods

Your wedding veil that is imported from China can take forever to arrive and the flowers you wanted may not be available now by your florist. So, you should be turning to the local stores and shops to get your wedding favors and supplies, to ensure a hassle-free way to deal with delays and cancelations. Similarly, there might be a problem to find solutions for hard installations by your florist, and hence look for DIY floral decoration on Pinterest and find thousands of inspirations for wedding decor.


Hygiene maintenance

Following the CDC guidelines of basic human hygiene is vital and need of the hour. Things, like washing your hands, applying sanitizer, covering your face while coughing or sneezing, and maintaining social distancing, should be followed in all hours. You can place hand sanitizers at entrances, buffets, food stations, and rooms, and enquire if your vendors are following proper hygiene protocols. It might sound tragic, but, do not insist on someone who is showing signs of the virus is at your wedding as it may lead to catastrophe later on.



The best way to include everyone on your big day is by opting for live video streaming your entire wedding. All the elderly guests along with everyone, who couldn’t make it to your special day, can catch up on this day through their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. However, your elderly guests might feel this technology to be overwhelming, and hence you can assist them prior to your big day on how to get started with this.

The tiny silver line in the looming gloom cloud is that even if there's no time for a dress or a corsage, there is one thing for sure and that is love. From the manhattan couple who got married on the streets to the couples getting married in the balcony windows, supermarkets, and living rooms, it makes us strongly believe that no matter where or how you are, love will find its way. The devotion and warmth that these stories evoke is priceless and gives us hope for a better tomorrow.


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