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Floral Frenzy: Dreamy Bridesmaid Dresses for Your 2020 Wedding


Floral dresses are a perennial showstopper for weddings. Right now, they're super on trend, which means there are tons of options that would be perfect for your spring or summer 2020 wedding. 

If you want to have the matron of honor stand out, you can dress her in a floral print while the rest of the bridesmaids wear a solid color. This gives your wedding party a nice, eclectic feel with lots of visual interest. 

Want your wedding to be the spring 2020 event to remember? Go bold and put all the bridesmaids in floral prints. We love the way this emphasizes all the other floral elements in a wedding. 

You can even mix and match with a few solids, a few patterns, and various colors. The look is polished but interesting, and this lets each of the bridesmaids show her personal style a bit more. When you're getting quirky with mixing patterns and colors, the key is to keep the length and silhouette similar for consistency. 

When it comes to 2020 wedding trends, anything with watercolor is going to be huge. Bring this trend to life with bridesmaid dresses in this inspiring print. 

Can't choose between solids and patterns? Why not get the best of both worlds and opt for lace or embroidered floral details. This allows the dress to have the fun and interest of a floral while still reading as a neutral solid. We love the added texture, too!

For the modern bride, look for something that isn't uniformly covered in a single pattern. Try dresses with a patterned top and solid skirt or a solid top and patterned skirt. Separates are a wonderful way to achieve this look, too!

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