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Rustic Wedding Updates for 2019 and Beyond


Rustic weddings have come a long way since the advent of mason jars and shabby chic decor. We love a rustic theme for a wedding, and so we're delighted to see an updated take on the aesthetic, which goes to show your wedding can still feel fresh with a rustic theme. Here are some of our favorite 2019 takes on a rustic wedding. 

Keep It Clean
Go minimalist. Clean lines and paired down details serve to highlight the rustic aesthetic and draw focus. Bright white barns feel light and chic. 

Opt for Neutrals
One of the aspects that makes a rustic wedding so appealing is that it has such an iconic look. Let those signature details shine by choosing a neutral color palette. It keeps things very rustic and sophisticated-- a la Chip and Joanna Gaines

Modern Shapes and Metallic Accents
Bring some contrast of modernity to your rustic setting with round cylinder vessels for candles, flowers, or whatever else might need holding. Metallics like silver, gold, and rose gold add contrast to traditional "rustic" details like wood, exposed brick, burlap, etc. It gives the air of a well-curated aesthetic. 

Amp Up the Greenery
We love the volume you can get from incorporating greenery into your wedding. Fresh greens feel like a breath of fresh air, and they highlight the back-to-nature feel that can come from a rustic wedding. 

Contemporary and Vintage Accents
Again, think of Chip and Joanna Gaines (or their Magnolia aisle in Target). It's all about mixing vintage accents with sleek modern touches. 

Modern Signage
Signage is an important aspect of any wedding. It serves the important utilitarian task of giving your guests the information they need about the day. Freshen up the signage of your rustic wedding by embracing blonde and natural wood tones for signs-- it'll feel very bright and on-trend. Bright whites and clean lines can make rustic signage feel fresh. You might even opt for modern typography to bring contrast to the rustic setting. 

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