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Achieve the Look: Bold and Minimal Wedding Portraits


There isn't a one size fits all approach to wedding portraits. Your personal aesthetic can always be incorporated into your wedding photography, and today we're dedicating a post to the ways you can achieve bold and minimal portraits.


Step one, if your style is bold and minimalist, make sure your wedding photographer knows! The approach to achieving this look will impact the way they shoot and how they select portrait locations.


If you've decided on this portrait style before you've picked your venue, consider choosing a space with a neutral color palette. Minimal often means clean lines, simple surroundings, and excluding "extra" details. We always love photos shot in vast fields, that utilize reflective surfaces, and simple yet stunning settings.


Does your venue have a unique wall or unique feature? A portrait in front of it can stand out in a big way. You can play with poses, too, choosing something that either mirrors your backdrop or juxtaposes nicely. For something spectacularly bold, look for unique colors or a unique background. These elements combine to make a modern, striking portrait.


To achieve this look, these three steps will set you up for success: scope out your venue and surrounding locations for the best spots; take advantage of your lighting; play up your venue's best features.


To find more inspiration, check out the blog!


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