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Modern, Minimalist Wedding Portrait Inspiration


The simplest settings can really set the scene. We know that weddings are usually about extravagant details and beautiful extras, but on occasion, there's nothing like perfectly simple setups, open spaces, and small details that make big statements.

We’ve found that minimalism in weddings is a big trend, too. So, how would you describe wedding minimalism? We'd describe it as the absence of extra extravagance or embellishments. It’s simple, clean, and modern, and from decor to attire, wedding minimalism creates a look of its own.

Especially when it comes to wedding photography, we think there’s beauty in simplicity. A clean look brings out intention and emotion. Without the extra, there’s nothing to distract from what remains in the photo and it allows the bride and groom to stand out as a focal point.

There are a few different kinds of minimalistic wedding photography to keep in mind.  Organic minimalism often has accents of lush greenery. We adore photos taken in front of large hedges, crawling ivy, impressive trees, or open fields. Natural settings are as impressive as they are impactful.

Industrial minimalism plays with urban rustic backgrounds. Large warehouse doors, brick buildings, and large-scale wooden accents make for pretty settings for wedding photos. We love the contrast of the soft, elegant details of wedding attire next to rougher, unconventionally beautiful settings.

Modern minimalist photos play with shapes and geometry, and you'll often find great photo settings at your venue. Linear bookshelves, ornately carved doors, or statement walls in the lobby.

Seemingly the most appropriate for wedding photography, romantic minimalism is soft, airy and light. It favors a neutral palette and is great for indoor or outdoor wedding photography.

Take a look through some of our favorite minimalist wedding photos below! Can you guess which category each belongs to?


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