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Favorite Family Moments

We can name all the things we’re thankful for, but there's one thing we know that consistently brings us great support and love - it's our George Street families! We've loved getting to know all of our clients and their friends and family, as well as looking back on the photos that capture a special bond or relationship. From the mother of the bride zipping up her daughter’s dress to a father walking her down the aisle, there are so many sweet memories spent with your loved ones on your wedding day. Today, we’re showing off some of our favorite family moments, perfectly captured by your wedding photographer on your big day!


These two bring tears to our eyes. There’s nothing sweeter than this candid photo of the groom and his mom in a gentle embrace before heading down the aisle. We can see how much love is shared between the two.


Giving away your daughter on the big day is no easy feat, we imagine, but the smiles on these two say nothing will change.


A sibling photo for the family album! There's no bond like one with a brother or sister.


We adore the look of excitement on this happy father of the bride! You can almost hear him saying his little girl is all grown up. It's a reveal we love.

Moments before walking down the aisle there's nervous excitement, sentimental words, even a few jokes.


Don’t forget to grab your trusted ring bearers for some cute portraits and cuddles! Kids, although a little unpredictable, make for some of the most awww-inspiring wedding photography.


Having your sister by your side on your wedding day is one of the greatest joys! We love this beautiful moment between the bride and her baby sister, with their loving mother not far behind.


No matter how quickly we grow up, you're never too old to get a helping hand from your father! Dad knows best, after all.


During the wedding ceremony, all eyes tend to be on the bride and groom. But take a second look and you'll find that mom and dad are loving the wedding day too! Tears of joy and laughter are the best kind to have on such a wonderful occasion. It's a great example of why we always recommend having a second photographer for the big day!


This is such a beautiful keepsake photo to have after the wedding and for many years to come. Three generations of women and an unbreakable family bond told simply through their wedding rings. If you love this photo, don't forget to add it to your wedding photography shot list. 


These days, so many couples opt for a first look before the ceremony, but what about one for dad? We highly recommend having that special moment with the father of the bride (or mother of the groom!) as well. Nothing is sweeter than a parents reaction once they've realized their child is all grown up!


Your family is there for you on your big day and every day, and we have loved capturing every minute of it! We're so privileged to be included!


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