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Friday Favorites: Dazzling Wedding Rings


One thing that we will always love about weddings? The rings! With a variety of band shapes, stone cuts, gem colors and the little personalized touches that make them truly unique, this dazzling Friday Favorites collection of wedding rings certainly has us daydreaming!

gorgeous sparkling wedding rings

Not a traditional couple? Follow along with this pair who opted for a more unique ring choice. We love the distinctive cut and stone on this rose gold band -- And who can deny the mechanical inspired ring of this husband-to-be?

unique mechanical wedding ring

We love how this shot highlights both the bride and her ring on her wedding day! This one goes down in the books as one of our all time favorite creative shots.

simple wedding ring bridal portrait

wedding ring photo beach wedding

This ring portrait leaves us wondering about the history of this couple! Did they meet overseas, or were they engaged here? Or perhaps they share a mutual love for travel and adventure? No matter what their story is, we love how their photographer chose to capture this small but important detail!

wedding ring photo traveling couple

unique petite wedding ring

gold and emerald wedding ring

This dainty engagement ring looks absolutely stunning with the intricate and elaborate pattern of the matching wedding band! And how gorgeously vibrant are those emerald stones!?

intricate and unique wedding ring photos

grooms wedding rings

blue sapphire wedding ring

wedding ring in snow winter wedding

wedding ring with love letters

We absolutely love the use of multiple smaller stones in this setting to create a truly unique design! As if the ring itself wasn’t enough, we adore how it was set on a few of the couple’s love letters for this shot, with the subtly tied knot in the background! Does it get more adorable that this? We think not!


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