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10 Ways to Capture The Guys in Groomsmen Photos


From the moment the groom proposes to his bride-to-be, till he finally exchanges vows with her, or maybe through all of his life in general, there is an assortment of men the groom is passionately backed up by. These are some of the few important men of his life, and be it his brothers, closest buddies or family members, they clearly mean a lot to him. It goes without saying that these gem of men that the groom holds close to his heart deserve an equal amount of camera space. However, you might be out of ideas as to how to get the groomsmen in a frame and do so without getting a plain run-off-the-mill shot.


If you are thinking of different ways the groomsmen can be a part of your wedding photography, we have a handful of ideas that you can explore.


Matching Pre-Game Attire: Getting ready attire is not exclusive to the bridal crew only. The groomsmen are getting into it as well and owning it! Wearing matching t-shirts while chilling out with the favorite beverage and the easy companionship is truly endearing and is a great moment for the wedding photographer to capture.


Suiting Up: Capturing the groomsmen lending a helping hand getting the groom ready, be it fixing his tie, or helping him put on his jacket can be a memory worth capturing for years to come. A group of men sprucing up to get ready while helping the groom look his best is surely a frame-worthy moment.


Funky Socks: Adding a couple of snazzy socks to the suit and tie look is a great idea as it lets the groomsmen flaunt their crazy and eccentric side. Also, matching socks with the groom is surely a cuteness overload moment. It is sure detail to capture for the wedding album.


Last Toast: When all the dressing-up is done, and the sprucing and preening is over with, and the guys are catching up for the last toast before they hit the ceremony space, it is a special moment on its own. The last toast is the final go-ahead from the groomsmen before their man walks off towards a bright future- an emotional moment worth capturing.


Band of Boys: The classic walking shot of the boys provides ample boy band album cover shot style opportunities. There are so many different ways this vibe can be captured in your wedding photography. The boys can go for an ‘Abbey Road’ style shot where they are captured from sideways while they cross a road. Or they can do the much-loved jumping into the air act. There are so many options for you to test out. 


Make it Shady: The bottom line, everything instantly becomes 10 percent cooler when you add sunglasses to the mix. Its proven science! Not only it hides squinty looks or blinks which are every photographer’s nightmare, but it also amps up the coolness of the bunch significantly.


Group Hug: The quintessential group hug. It never disappoints. It is emotional, adorable and depicts the true spirit of bromance. Let them huddle in have fun, a little friendly push and shove does no harm! Let the boys pull in for a group hug and capture that beautiful moment forever! 


One with the Bride: The gang of groomsmen with the blushing bride is quite a fun take and the pictures generally come up pretty adorable. It is a fun and playful take on the groomsmen pictures and it is encouraged that they get silly and just have fun.


The Wait: Capturing the groom and the groomsmen as they wait in anticipation for the wedding bells to ring and the bride to walk in towards the alter. The shared anticipation is infectious and the guys cheering on for their guys why the man weds the bride is quite a valuable moment.


The Deets: Have your wedding photographer capture the minute details which makes a wedding memorable. The close up of the accessories, the guys captured mid-joke, the monogrammed ties or matching cufflinks, all are tiny details which make a wedding special.


The groomsmen are a fun bunch, and they have a huge role to play in keeping the groom relaxed and keep that stream of enthusiasm flowing. They keep the celebratory vibe alive and keeps the ball rolling, and essentially keeps the edge away, while also handling any practical fiasco which might occur and need their immediate attention. Letting them shine in your wedding photography is the least you can do to show them how much you appreciate their presence. 


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