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8 Ways to Celebrate your Friendship in Photos


While marriage is about two people, a wedding means having that cozy blanket of people around you who have a pivotal role to play in your life. Choosing a bridesmaid for your wedding means you are essentially appointing someone to be your bridal entourage, and be your support system throughout your wedding week. This surely comes with a lot of responsibilities, as well as a lot of fun! 

Your bridal party is your personal cheer team and keeps that celebratory feel pouring in, keeping your spirits high while ensuring things are running seamlessly for you. They are there for you to confront those fleeting last-minute butterflies, to handle any bobby pin and hairspray kind-of emergency. They are there to tell you with sparkling eyes that you look gorgeous, and that everything is okay! They are there to hold your dress while you go to the bathroom. This group of girls gang surely put the fun in wedding. So it’s only fair that you capture them in enough frames to cherish their presence. Let us go through some of the photo options for your bridal party.

Candids: Capture and commemorate those sweet candid moments by having your girls captured while they are in their natural elements, laughing, walking and talking, and basically having fun. Candids are endearing and can reveal some real gems of photographs (your best friend setting the dance floor on fire) that can otherwise be not possible with perfect posey pictures. 

Posed: Posed wedding photographs have come a long way from the awkwardly smiling group of people being all stiff and cheesy. Ask your wedding photographer to choreograph some editorial style posing and capture your girls in some frame-worthy shots. Posed pictures can take a little patience but it well worth the effort. 

Getting Ready Shots: Getting-ready time is extremely important for the bridal party. It is a pre-party for the bridal party to relax and spiff up before the wedding starts. Everybody is getting dressed, zipping each other up, and getting their makeup done. The music will be blaring and the champagne pouring. This is the ultimate embodiment of female bonding exercise. Let your wedding photographer take advantage of this crucial moment.

Detail Shots: Capture detail shots like all the bridesmaid shoes lined up strategically, or a cluster of bouquets. There are endearing details that make for a pretty picture while lending a little variety in your wedding photography. Capturing the dresses in a stunning background adds just that dash of drama to the picture and the shots of bridesmaid favor can capture the emotion in the most perfect way. It’s all in the details!

Full-Length Shots: If you thought the dresses of the bridesmaids are just that, clothes, well, you are in for surprise! The bridesmaid dresses play an important role in maintaining the delicate balance of the wedding decorum. They are carefully chosen colors that add to the overall vibe and thus, are important elements to be photographed. The gorgeous sweeping dresses captured in full-length shots are an important detail to be captured.

Prop Fun: Props can instantly infuse an element of fun in the photos, encourages one to get creative and brings out the child hiding just out of reach in everyone. While the most common prop might be that glass of champagne, you can also bring in balloons, confetti, or smoke bombs. Let the party start already-it will take off the edge, without the pressure of posing for perfect pictures. The hearts lift a little just at the sight of confetti and balloons and your photographer will get just the perfect shots! We promise!

Location Focused: Show off your venue to the max by getting your wedding party to pose in front of the gorgeous skylines, the vibrant sunsets, the majestic architecture, or the calming waterlines. If there is much talk-about fountain or a cozily lit rose garden that the venue promises, hop in with your girls and have your wedding photographer to snap some pictures, because why not?

Your gang of bridesmaids is not just a random selection of women in your life. They are an important female presence in your life which you handpicked to witness the most important day of your life. Show your girl gang how much they matter to you by capturing their presence in perfect frames forever!


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