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How to Nail that First Kiss Photo: Do's and Don’ts


Is the wedding nothing but a drumroll leading up to the most epic first kiss and the declaration to the world that you are married? It is surely one of the imperative moments and rates as big as one of the most frame-worthy moments of the day. But how do you choreograph the perfect kiss to be endearing enough without being ‘too much’ and have it translate just as beautifully in a picture? In short, it's all about tasteful PDA and getting the timing right. We're sure that you must have never put so much thought into something as natural and instinctive as a kiss. Do you peck? How long is too long? So many questions! Our aim is not to put you over the edge, but rather prepare you for probably the most important kiss ever and with the biggest and most attentive audience (no pressure!)

Set the frame!

It’s okay to be more prepared than sorry! Decide on the exact center of the arbor where you will say your vows. Talk with your officiator whether he is okay with stepping out of the frame when you go in for your first kiss. Remember that the officiator might get nervous too, so set out the plan of action in great detail. And no, it’s not weird to practice the kiss at the venue. Don’t let them tell you otherwise!

 Practice practice practice!

The best way to avoid a fumble or cringy first kiss? "Practice makes progress" is the name of the game. We recommend a lot of practice kisses along the way to get it right on the wedding day. Not only will it serve the very practical purpose of delivering that perfect kiss, but it will also potentially bring you closer. And if it’s practice, that’s all the more reason to get cozy with your partner!

 Go again

So you went in for the kiss, and you fumbled or something felt weird? Go again. Or again. Try to nail it the second or third time. This not only is totally adorable but also gives your photographer more moments to capture and get that perfect shot! So don’t let a tiny bump in the way ruin your kiss. Consider it as an opportunity to make things right. 

 Involve the party

Involving other people in your first kiss can be a fun way of incorporating your wedding party into your special day. Your bridesmaids and the groomsmen will most likely be lined up on either side of the couple and ensuring that they look enthusiastic and interested which can lead to a good picture. You will be surprised how many perfect kiss pictures don’t make the cut because one of the bridesmaids has a totally deadpan expression or a groomsman looking bored and like he will rather be somewhere else.

 Keep it PG and tasteful

You probably already know this, but it has to be said. Keep things PG-rated. Something that does not make your guests squirm in their seats and your grandma look away. Hold the passion for later. But that does not mean you have to be extra careful to keep things under wraps. It’s okay to hold your partner and hug them while you go in for the first kiss. Keep it long enough to get your guests awwing but not too long to make it distasteful. We know striking that perfect balance can be a challenge but it can be nailed by practicing!

 Different angles

Have multiple wedding photographers capture the moment, that way there's multiple angles, multiple frames, and more options for that perfect capture. Not only does it ensure comprehensive coverage of the event but it can also land you with some amazing shots from an unusual angle!  

 Stop, relax and refocus

Of all the things you need to keep in mind, this one is the most important. Take it slow. If your mind is racing with thoughts and your hands are getting sweaty with anticipation and the pressure of it all, stop! Relax. Look your partner in the eye and reassess. Take your moment and savor it all and go for it. Trust us, the wedding photographs will capture the look in your eyes and the sweet emotions crossing over your face, and not the awkwardness, if any!

 There is admittedly a lot of pressure on that first kiss. Wedding first kiss photos will forever grace your photo frames and will be the ones you will look back on when you are grey-haired and wrinkly. All said and done, it is after all just a kiss- and that too with the person you love and will be spending the rest of your life with. It can’t be that hard, right? Don’t fret, you got it!


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