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Andrew & Clara Host a Charming, Intimate D.C. Backyard Wedding


When we talk about the ‘must-haves’ of a wedding, there is really only one must-have- your partner! When all the confetti and the extravagant decor is stripped down, and the band stops playing and the guests return home, it is just you and the love of your life making a promise to be forever by each other's side. It is easy to lose sight of the same when you get overpowered by the wedding planning, but just like COVID-19 to put that theory to test. While the pandemic has caused quite a bit of mayhem, fear, and disappointment, it has also brought clarity on what really matters. Weddings after COVID are still scary uncharted grounds to navigate, but Andrew and Clara’s Washington DC wedding goes to show that love is all that matters, and the blessings of the few chosen loved ones are enough to get started on this new chapter of their life. A wedding which was so honest and pure that it brings light to our cynic hearts, and so relaxed and chill that the couple seems to have not a care in the world, this wedding is stripped down of the pressure and teaches one to breathe a little.  


Andrew and Clara decided to get married on the 27th of June, 2020, but with the COVID still breathing down our necks heavily, they decided to tie the knot at their home on the same date but had a charming backyard wedding instead and significantly sized down the scale of the event. With an intimate guest count of around 20 people, Andrew and Clara took the call of just having the precious few with them as they got married. Not only was this a responsible way of hosting a wedding, but this also made this sweet and intimate Washington DC wedding a heart-touching and special occasion. Our Washington DC wedding photographers were lucky to be able to be a part of the day and capture every beautiful moment of the day in the most gorgeous frames. The team of our skilled wedding photographers in Washington DC was passionate about commemorating every important moment from the day and seized it for the couple to cherish forever, and they did so while keeping safety as a top priority. They wore masks and did the needful while abiding with the social distancing norms because safety is primary responsibility!


On a beautiful June summer day, Andrew and Clara decided to get married right in their home and hearth, in their beautiful Washington DC home, and we think it couldn't have been a more perfect setting for their wedding ceremony and reception. Clara and her girls shared a moment as they shared some bubbly and got ready. Clara wore a beautiful white getting-ready robe with “Mrs. Shniderman” on the back, while the bridesmaids wore matching blue robes with “brides babes” scrolled over the back. It made a cute detail and added a bit of fun to get ready for the photo -session. Clara soon changed into her stunning white wedding gown with an intricate back lace detail and a magical mermaid cut with a train that cascaded around her. Her hair was done up in a braided ponytail which showed off the back of her dress and looked charming. Her fresh-faced makeup was natural and minimal and a pair of pearl earrings and her engagement ring was the only jewelry she wore. Her white lacy pair of bridal sneakers added an edge of personality to her look. Her bridal bouquet was a gorgeous bunch of white flowers with sparse sprinklings of blue. Her bridesmaids wore periwinkle blue ensembles that looked perfect or her breezy summer wedding. Andrew looked handsome and laid-back in a white button-down and a pair of khaki shorts. A pair of red sneakers and a million-dollar smile accessorized his look. We loved how Andrew looked dressed-up, yet casual and laid-back, giving us a peek at his intriguing personality. His face beamed up as Clara walked down the aisle with her dad and the delicate moment was captured in the most perfect captures. The ceremony took place under the beautifully decorated arbor and amongst cheering family and friends and they shared their first kiss there. The couple had their first dance on the ceremony platform-cum-dance floor and the candid moments of the beautiful father-daughter dance and the mother-son dance were captured gracefully. As the sun dipped low, the backyard reception came to life with twinkling lights and the glow of the draped fabric. The newly married couple cut the beautiful chocolate cake decorated with rustic checkered fabric and flowers and the beauty and we absolutely loved ‘The Beauty and The Beast’ cake topper which made quite the statement! All the memorable moments of the day were stunning photo opportunities waiting to be captured and our team of Washington DC suburbs wedding photographers did perfect justice of seizing the moments into their camera for the couple to keep and cherish forever. 


Planning a post-COVID wedding is as stressful as you allow it to be. If there is one thing we can take away from Andrew and Clara’s sweet intimate backyard wedding, it is that things can be easy and simple, if you want it to be. Whether you have an audience of 20 or 200, you will still feel every bit as special. With the love of your life within your reach and your precious handful of loved ones to raise the wedding toast with, you can still have a lovely wedding day! While COVID might disassemble your plans momentarily, it will reassemble it to be something much stronger and more meaningful. And in the larger scheme of things, the shifts in the plan wouldn't matter. Your heart will still flutter as you see your spouse, the faces who will cheer you on will be the ones you hold close to your hearts, and the joy you feel in your heart is still abundant and that is all that matters and that is all that you will remember when you are old and grey and sitting on the porch with your sweetheart, flipping through the wedding album!


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