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Dealing With Wedding Dress Woes Amidst Coronavirus


The planning of your wedding day probably dates back to the time when you were fiddling with the bridal magazine you snuck in from the store and began daydreaming about walking the aisle in a classic Vera Wang wedding gown. Isn’t that all of us? Who would have thought that in times when you should have been sipping margaritas, jostling through the boutiques with your BFFs to hunt down the most beautiful bridal gown, you will be asked to go in lockdown and sanitize your hands every once in a while?


Finding your perfect wedding dress is typically positioned number 1, in your wedding to-do list. And there is a fair chance that delivery of the shipment is delayed due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, as 80% of the world’s wedding dress supply is from China.


But, don't push the panic button! With a huge chance of postponement of your wedding date, you will get your chance to choose the exact wedding dress that you’ve been hunting throughout your life. “It’s our priority that brides are in their dresses on their day, no matter what,” says Rileigh Keipert, Store Manager at The Dress Theory in Seattle. The boutiques are going beyond their ways to get your wedding dress delivered to you amidst the outbreak.


Your wedding dress is more than just an attire, as it is an emotional memoir to the most historic day for you. And amidst the pandemic, here is what you can do if there is a delay in delivery of a shipment of your bridal dress.


Speak to the boutique or designer

As a first step, understanding the policies regarding delay or cancelation of your boutique or shop is essential. Large retailers are more likely to have shipment delays than the smaller bridal boutiques, but they have stronger guidelines and policies regarding cancelation or delay. Whereas, smaller shops tend to work intricately and have a higher chance of delivering it to you personally. We would recommend you to shop locally rather than importing your dress from overseas as the current situation is very fluid, and one can never be sure when a country’s import and export policies change overnight. Shopping locally can give you a sense of control, rather than waiting for your shipment to arrive. However, if you have already made the payment, review the refund policy before canceling.


Consult your wedding planner

If you haven't hired a wedding planner yet, then this might be the time for you to do it. Your wedding planner can walk the extra mile for you in a situation like this, due to their expertise and extra knowledge on the ongoing situation. Since they’re equipped to handle situations like this, they are more likely to have resources and experiences in tackling problems that you are facing right now. Wedding planners are also extremely helpful when it comes to tricky contracts and obscure policies. And going by the unpredictable situation, you can definitely use the extra knowledge of the planners, to navigate the entire scenario in a graceful way. 



Shop off-the-rack

Unleash the power of social media to go through all the bridal shops and designer boutiques, and check if they are going off the rack due to the surging need for wedding gowns. There are a lot of bridal shops and boutiques that are actually coming together to help you find your match when it comes to choosing your wedding dress. Line up your favorite designers and check if any of their designed collection is available, or you can choose a runner up dress that resembles the one you have chosen previously. Talk to the consignment shops, and ask about their adjusted hours or if they are open for a private appointment while maintaining proper social distancing protocols.


Preloved gowns

In this time of need, there are so many communities coming together to help the wedding industry, especially the brides looking for her wedding dress. Connect with these communities and find brides-to-be who are going through the same ordeal as you via groups on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels. These are great places to look for former brides who are trying to sell wedding dresses that they have only worn once and it's as good as new, like Borrowing Magnolia. You can personally connect with the seller to understand the fit of the dress and when you can expect delivery before the big day.


Postponing the wedding altogether

Even if it is the last thing that you want to hear, postponing your wedding might seem like a need of the hour. This way you can get to wear your chosen wedding dress while walking down the aisle on your big day without any hindrance. As hard as it may sound right now, but a lot of the things will be looked up in the coming months and you can have your dream wedding with your sweetheart and start your together forever, on a different date. 


Before taking up any decision it is very important for you to talk to your wedding planner, as they will be the best people who can understand all the alternatives and replan after taking everything into consideration. You can start considering all the available options that include having a small and casual ceremony on the original wedding date in your backyard, and throw a large reception later on while wearing your dream wedding dress when all of this is over. 


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