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Details to Keep in Mind for Today's Groom


The implication of a wedding has come a long way, and so has the tradition, the fashion and the decor, and the overall psyche attached to the institution. Do you see that? Its the winds of change. And with the laps of change, the attire of the modern groom has changed considerably, too. Modern grooms are no longer a sea of indistinct black tuxes. Guys are more opinionated now. They demand their equal share of that limelight. They want to let their personalities show a little bit through their attire. They are having fun, rather than being a bystander. And we are excited about the possibilities!


Let us take a peek at the small details that the modern groom should keep in their mind as they make their wedding their own: 


Funky socks: They say socks are a different level of self-expression on their own. With a formal attire that requires you to dress up a certain way, your sock just might be the free reign that you require to express your quirk. You can either go for a crazy pattern (florals, comic, artsy!) or you and your groomsmen can match your socks for a synchronized display of bromance.


Boutonnieres: Nothing more heartening than a man dressed to the nines and sporting sprig of flowers as the boutonniere matches his bride’s bouquet. There are so many different ways you can go with the boutonnieres, but we love a splash of personality in it. Wear your passion on your heart, quite literally. Whether it’s a wine cork, a pinwheel or a StarWars figurine, you do you!


Pins and pocket watch: Just like boutonnieres, pins are a great way to own your special day. Have a customized pin with your favorite quotes, you and your partner’s initials, or just something which spells you or your relationship. A little creativity goes a long way here! Pocket watches are another thing that adds an instant dapper look to your attire. You can have it inscribed with your wedding date as it makes a great keepsake and also features well in wedding photography.


Pocket Squares and Ties: Its the pocket squares and ties which generally brings in that pop of color in a groom’s outfit. Whether you choose to go single-toned or printed, do what goes with your wedding look the best. There is a wide range of options when it comes to bowties.


Suspenders: We love that suspenders are making a comeback. We are of the biased opinion that grooms sporting fancy suspenders on their wedding day are just absolutely adorable, in and i-am-in-an-indie-band kind of way. We approve! Also, there are various options to choose from, so find the one which suits your vibe the best.


Hats: Yes, a hat for a wedding, but hear us out! Going along with The Lumineers vibe, a hat is quite the popular option for many modern grooms. Fun fact-there is a hat for every theme-country, indie or vintage. It’s just a matter of finding the right one. We promise!


With the wedding being more of a conscious and measured call as two people signing up for their chance at forever, both parties are focusing more on making small changes and adding minuscule details to customize their wedding to their unique taste. As tradition and age-old dogma take a backseat, modern grooms are taking the wheels and owning it! 


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