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Our Favorite "Must Have" Wedding Photos

The day you’ve been dreaming about your entire life is here -- it’s finally time to say “I do”! Now that you've found your forever, we want to help you to ensure that this special moment (and moments leading up to it!) are captured perfectly. We've gathered a few of our absolute favorite “must-have” wedding day photos, and trust us when we say that you won't want to miss a minute!


1. Prepping for the Big Day!

On such a special day, you will most certainly want to grab a few portraits with your favorite girls before walking down the aisle. We love these shots (both posed and candid!) that capture all of the excitement and emotions of what is to come. Be sure to ask your photographer for a few shots of your morning prep and all of your little details. These images might be some of your favorite keepsakes from your wedding day.


2. Exchanging Love Letters

Exchanging a few written words before tying the knot is a beautiful way to have a special moment with your soon-to-be even if they aren't in the room. We especially love this idea for couples who don't want to break with the tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding. If you’re considering this lovely gesture, ask your photographer(s) to get a couple of candid shots of you and your (almost!) groom reading each other’s love letters. The emotion coupled with this moment is something you’ll want to remember forever.


3. The Whole Gang

Sweet moments with your loved ones, both big and small, are a huge part of what makes your wedding day so special. Capturing a few of candid portraits throughout the day is a must have in our book! Don't forget to include your favorite furry friends as well.


4. The First Look

Even if you haven’t kept the dress a secret, there’s no hiding the emotion caught in these first-look photographs! These reactions are always priceless. Who says a first look is only for the groom? Make sure to capture these special shots with all of your closest friends and family. And, are you considering video? First looks are one of our favorite moments to catch on camera. See why here!

stunning wedding photography

wedding photography first look

bridesmaids wedding day first look

wedding first look

4. Ceremony Details

Many couples feel that the wedding day happened so quickly that they may have missed out on some of their favorite wedding details! After so much attention has gone into making every detail perfect, you'll want to make sure your wedding photographer has captured them all. We’re talking everything from your decorative aisle decor to your wedding invitations to your very first kiss as bride and groom!

Indian wedding photography


5. Moments Between the Bride and Groom

We don’t know about you, but intimate photos of the bride and groom are our all-time favorite. You may feel vulnerable in the moment, but portraits from these minutes just after you've become husband and wife can make for the most enchanting photos. This private session allows the photographer to capture all of the love and emotion, really making the photos come to life.

unique wedding photography

bride and groom wedding day portrait

golden hour wedding photos

Chicago fall wedding photography

beautiful Detroit wedding photography


6. Reception Moments

We know you’ll never forget your wedding day, but photographs of the reception will allow you to relive every moment (and maybe even some you missed!). Dancing with dad and the grand exit as a married couple (finally!) are just a few of our favorites.

beautiful wedding reception photography


Be sure to check out our Wedding Photography and Planning Made Simple blog for more tips and inspiration for your wedding day! We also love these 5 Wedding Planning Tips from Bridal Musings for even more advice for the big day.

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