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Bridal Manicure Inspiration To Be Excited About in 2020!


So the wedding planning is in full swing and all the big things are accounted for-the catering is done, the band is ready with your preferred list of songs and the florist has the range of most amazing flowers for you prepped and ready to go. Your wedding look is ready too-the dress is sitting pretty in your closet, and the accessories have been carefully curated to match the entire bridal ensemble which will knock the breath out of the guests and your to-be-spouse, of course! What remains is the little things-the perfume, the nails, and the tiny dusting of blink-and-you-miss-it details which bring the whole things together. Isn’t it the little things that punch the maximum impact? We are of the firm belief that no detail is too small. From the hair accessories to the tip of your nails, everything counts.


Your nails deserve to look their best now, as you will be flaunting the wedding band quite a bit now. Also, your wedding photographer will want to take some detailed shots of you holding that bridal bouquet-and you want to be ready! There are so many highly creative and stunning nail looks doing the rounds now, it is insane if you think about the possibilities! If you are stuck in a nail inspiration rut, we are here bearing inspirations by the bunch! Let us grab our favorite beverage and get to know some of the popular nail trends.


French Wedding Nails

French manicure is the safest bet when it comes to wedding nails, and we love it! Want to keep things classy but amp them up for the wedding? Wedding french is the way to go. Elevate the look by swapping out the white tips with the metallic thin strips or even glitter! This can team up with the sparkle of your wedding band quite perfectly! Feeling adventurous? Go for a scalloped tip for a romantic twist. You can match up the color with that of the flowers in the bouquet. We assure you, this will come up beautifully in pictures!


Wedding Nudes

This nail trend is a nod to the classic wedding white nail but is a little more current than that. Go light with lighter shades like ivory, or dip into nude shades like mauve, grey, taupe and the like. It is basic enough to not overpower the wedding outfit but is still contemporary enough for the modern-day bride. If the nude is too basic for you, go for a foil detail over the nude paint, a thin strip of metallic strip running diagonally, for a classy yet elevated look! The effect will be stunning without being on-the face!


Blue Wedding Nails

Sneaking in your share of “something blue” into your mani is a classic move and not new for sure, but still holds its grounds. Go for a frosty blue for your winter wedding, or go for something like a poppy classic blue if you are feeling bold. There are so many ways that this trend can be executed. Get a nail art and let them paint your nails a sky blue with fluffy white clouds-isn’t that perfect for a summer wedding? Or go full-on Elsa with an icy blue with speckled snowflakes for your winter wedding. Get creative and experiment!


3D Wedding Nails

There is this day when you get to go all-out so why hold out on the fun? 3D wedding nails with pretty embellishments and details make for a pretty detail. However, do take care that you get the 3D nail art done just a few days before the wedding day, so that it lasts longer and doesn’t fall out! A little maintenance goes a long way and the effect is generally precious! Go for tiny pearl designs or lace accents for a classy look or go for diamantes and intricate 3D floral details for a high-end glam look! This trend gives dimension and depth to the entire look!



Shine bright on your special day with nails that sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow. The iridescent nails are generally understated and clear but caught in the right light, you get to see a little bit of magic right in your fingertips. If you have a love for holographic details or are just fascinated by the dreamy fairytale drama that iridescent nails enable-go for the crushed iridescent nails or the ones with the background coloring of pink or lilac to give your mani a bit of an extra kick. An iridescent nail has within it the fun of the rainbow colors and the subtlety of the nude nails and somehow-it works perfectly for a wedding.


Glitter Ombre

What better day than your wedding day to sprinkle some sparkle into the air, or in this case, your nails? While we like the ombre nails in its truest form, adding glitter to the mix can take the look up a notch! A dusting of golden glitter ombre in your nails looks classically appealing while not being dated at all. You can go for a light barely-there dusting of glitter or really commit and go all in. You can choose from champagne, rose gold or silver glitter as well when you get this done. The overall effect is stunning, without it being crazy experimental. The result is super glam and that of dipping your nails in stardust - and we approve! If you are feeling brave-we love the galaxy themed nail arts for a celestial-themed wedding too!


Nail ‘Art’!

We love the free reign of creativity that nail art provides, and the options for wedding day nail art are as boundless as one’s imagination! The popular ones these days are the water-colored and marbles nail arts with muted colors. We also are in love with transparent backgrounds with minuscule floral patterns and henna-like designs. They look refreshing when it comes to a clean look with a little bit of character. However, that’s not all, there are many more to be found out there and each one is more inspiring than the last.


Red Wedding Nails

Hear us out! We know it's not a popular choice but red nails have always been a favorite choice for the braveheart brides and will probably never die down! It has been one of the aptest colors for a wedding, as red color is usually associated with romance and love and is a no-brainer when it comes to a wedding. It is also a brilliant pop of color against the infamous white ensemble. Matte deep red nails look stunning on brides or if you are not willing to commit, go for an accent nail or small pops of red as tiny hearts.


Vined Designs

We love a good theme and the vine floral design which travels through all of your nails makes quite the statement. It is artistic and looks clean and minimal without looking uninspired. Go for a streak of the vine which gives one a peek at the flowers behind the window of the nail! It looks like a work of art and you can go either minimal or all out when it comes to the intensity.


Nail trends might seem like a small thing to put so much thought into when compared with the grand scheme of things. With all the big decisions surrounding that important day, sometimes it's the small things which bring in that bit of sunshine and oblivion which is necessary around this time. Also, let’s admit it. Nail art is something that brings in that bubble of glee in most of our hearts. Of course, the wedding day is about taking that vow to spend your forever with someone special, but isn’t it also partially (mostly?) about you looking and feeling your very best? We thought so!


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