Ring the Year 2020 In with The Latest Engagement Ring Trends!

"We're engaged!" you declare with a full heart and smile to light up the room. For the next few minutes, the room filled with your closest circle of people is a blur of activity, with excited congratulations and being pulled into tight hugs and receiving radiant smiles. Then somebody says, "Show us the ring!" and as you hold out your hand for people to see, the room erupts in oohs and aahs! Isn’t that the dream?

 The ring. It is a symbolic gateway towards getting married. Historically, it is a proclamation of the suitor’s love and asking for a hand for marriage. With the decades of Jane Austen’s books and chick flicks highlighting the importance of the ring, no wonder the act of engagement has gained even a more significant stature than the wedding itself! 

 With the turn of the century, and as we step into a fresh new year, let us take a look at the different engagement ring trends which are presumed to be big in 2020!

Sustainability: Sustainability is the buzzword for 2020, and it is predicted to be reflected in all areas of life, including your wedding ring. The modern couple is going for brands with ethical backgrounds, transparency of their brand policies, and also are open to second hand and vintage options. Sustainable wedding ring brands are helping to pave the way for responsible planning in 2020.

Yellow Gold: Platinum and silver took the spotlight the last few years but now yellow gold engagement rings have returned with a sunshine of their own. The glitter of the gold is back and the new designs are simple yet bold. This type of gold pairs specifically well with vintage-inspired themes. Also, the pale yellow of the gold warms up the skin, making your wedding photography pop.

Art Deco & Vintage: Take a ride back to the roaring 20s with vintage and art deco style engagement rings making a solid comeback. While few are hell-bent of hunting down that perfect ring from that actual period, many are getting the custom rings made with a more contemporary yet art deco designs. Think bold lines and geometric patterns! 

Birthstone: The bride of today seeks something unique and personal to them, and having her birthstone as her engagement ring will be a very special touch. Birthstones are not only a little burst of personality, but they also add in a dash of color to the ring. Plus, choosing a birthstone will make the recipient feel more special and the ring feels more intentional. 

Stacked and Nested Rings: Stacked and nested rings come as a combo, one intended to be an engagement ring, while the other becomes a wedding ring. The look is delicately balanced to ensure that one nestled into the other, fitting together like a puzzle and complementing the other in the most beautiful way. This trend will still be around in the coming year, as we see more innovative designs make an appearance.

Eternity Bands: Can’t decide on one unique stone for the ring of your choice? Maybe the eternity band is more your style. A unique band with a sprinkling of stones of your choice will make your hand sparkle every time you move it! Also, this way your engagement ring will be unlike every other engagement ring out there and will be unique in its own special way. If you are the person who appreciates a unique ring, an eternity band engagement ring is for you!

 Of course, a wedding is more than a circle of metal proclaiming your love for each other. However, with the evolved standards of the institution of marriage, the choice of ring, the ways of the proposal and the meaning attached have also changed in such a pivotal way that a wedding ring is now more personal than it has ever been. It’s still there, just as important, but the tastes and implications have shifted. Rather than being a symbolic way of conforming to society, it is rather a medium of expression! All said and done, it’s about wearing your love on your finger!

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