It’s All in the Detail Photos

Couples often put the most effort into the smallest touches. These details are orchestrated with care because they are significant to the couple. Detail photos are a wonderful way to capture and remember all the special nuances from your big day. You spend so much time organizing the details, it's only right that they should be documented!

Here are some of our favorite wedding detail photos. 

Getting Ready

Capture the elegance of all the wedding party details. Photograph the boutonnieres clustered together before they're pinned to the groomsmen's suits. 

Celebrate individual bridal accessories with their own photo moments-- the bridal gown handing dramatically at the venue, close-ups of lace or embellishments, and shoes. 

For a detail-action shot, have your wedding photographer take a photo of the groom while he's putting on his cuff links or watch-- very James Bond and debonnaire.  

The bride can get an action-detail shot while fastening earrings or applying lipstick. 


Get some close-ups of the place where you'll say your vows, so you can always remember it. Before the ceremony is a great time to capture paper elements like programs, invitations, vow books, or love letters.

A close up of the rings together is always sophisticated and sentimental. You can place the rings together or use a photo-ready ring box or geometric holder for the detail photo. 

It's nice to get some photos of the reception space before all the guests file in so that you can see all the lovely decor you worked so hard on bringing to fruition. 

Reception Space

Don't forget to get a photo of your cake before its cut, and the reception space (again before anyone enters). Centerpieces, table settings, and ambient lighting all deserve moments in the spotlight,  and they add interest to page layouts when it comes time to make a wedding album.  

Looking for more creative detail shots? Check out some of our real weddings for inspiration!

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