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Uniquely Yours: Tie and Boutonniere Combos for your Groom


There’s nothing more handsome than your groom on your wedding day. And whatever his personal style day-to-day or season-to-season, you can incorporate his personality in his wedding day look. Check out our favorite combinations of ties and boutonnieres for grooms that will have you saying, "he’s all mine."

Modern and minimal, a white satin tie against a white shirt makes for a clean look that really makes a boutonniere standout. We particularly like this option with a grey suit or tux. Consider a more vibrant boutonniere if the overall groom style is neutral, or vice versa if your groom’s look is a little bolder.

We appreciate when men consider pink, too! A pink or blush tie pairs nicely with a blue suit and creates an overall classic look. Patterns on neckties and bowties are eye-catching and very of-the-moment. Try florals, polka-dots, abstract prints and different fabrics suitable for the season. Go one step further and explore adding a pocket square and other neckwear options like an ascot.

Once your groom has chosen his wedding day tie, start your search for a complimentary boutonniere. A sprig of baby’s breath is a nice budget friendly boutonniere that goes with a lot of tie options. Succulents can stand alone without a lot of additions.

To embellish a neutral boutonniere, add twine for a more rustic appearance, or velvet or a high-quality ribbon to create a luxe look.

For something truly unique and fun, have your groom try non-conventional greenery options (like baby pineapples) or non-floral items, like sheet music, comic book pages, or quirky legos.

No matter the look your groom goes for, remember that small boutonnieres can make a big impact, ties should be fun, and when in doubt, go classic or elegant in white. We know you'll find something that suits your guy's personality!


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