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A Step-by-Step Guide for the Newly Engaged


Congrats! The ring in your finger is still a new feeling which is taking some getting used to, as well as the term ‘fiance’. There is a new glow in your face and spring in your step and you can’t get rid of that smile. The fact that you have said yes to the possibility of spending the rest of your life with your special person makes your heart skip a beat multiple times a day. 

You are engaged! And now what? 

After the initial novelty has settled in, and the tears of joy have been swept, the reality sets in! How soon is too soon for wedding planning? How many people? What will be your colors and theme? Before you are flooded by the endless questions in your mind, stop! We are here to take the edge off of the process. Here's what you do right after you say ‘yes!’


Tell your Family: The first thing you might want to do is break the news to family and your closest friends. It is best if you can give them the amazing news personally before they see it on social media. They will appreciate the fact that you thought of them after such a monumental step in your life!


Get a manicure: Show your hands some love, as you might have to flaunt it around a lot in the coming weeks. Get yourself a manicure to dress up that ring. This will not only look pretty as you show your family and friends the sparkling addition to your hand, but it will also look great in the pictures!


Post online: After you have taken those perfect pictures of your manicured hand with that engagement ring, maybe now is the time to do that official social media announcement. Let your extended family and families know that you are taken!


Resize and Insure: After the official announcements are done, you can attend to those important ring-related chores! Is your ring too loose? Get it resized. Are you on the clumsy side? Get that ring insured!


Throw an Engagement Party: Don’t feel like you have to throw that engagement party as soon as you get engaged. When you are finally ready, invite your close group of people over for an intimate party and celebrate your love. Or go all out, because why not! Finally, you can let your hair down and pop that bubbly!


Take a Breather and Relax: It’s all done now, the announcement and the engagement party, and now you can take a breather before the wedding planning starts. Take this opportunity to head out with your fiance for a spa date or a hike. Take some time off. Soak into each other’s presence, before the planning starts.


Set the Date: No pressure, but maybe you might want to set a date in the future when you might have the wedding. Do you want a spring wedding or are you more of a fall person? Having a date in mind ensures you have enough time to get the planning done well on time. 


Decide on the wedding size: Whether you want a cozy backyard wedding at your parent’s place or a grand extravagant wedding in a sweeping palace, decide on the wedding size so that you can go ahead with the planning.


Research, research, research: Now that all of the preliminary things are done, you can go ahead with the wedding planning. Research about the venue, caterers, florists, wedding photographers, and the band, compare prices and reviews, do test visits. This is when the actual planning begins. Have fun!


We understand how most of the time, we have this short-term vision of how amazing things will be when you are just engaged (and rightfully so!). And once the engagement happens, you don’t know exactly what to do next. You might get stuck with this overwhelming feeling of happiness and the need to start planning. Here's to a subtle sense of direction after that question is popped! Congrats, and enjoy!


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