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Consider These Things Before Choosing a New Wedding Date


The sun will shine again, and we will try again.


While the whole world seems a little too blurry with the recent turn of events, to top it all off, your wedding got postponed or canceled. As nightmarish as it may sound, this is the stark reality that all of us are in this together. The urgent need for social distancing, going on lockdown, wearing protective gear, maintaining hygiene, everything comes together for stopping the virus from spreading. We are sure how this was not imagined even in your worst thought while planning and fixing your wedding date.


Going by the current fluidic state of the COVID-19 outbreak in the US, if you were planning to have a spring or summer wedding this year, consider postponing it for the latter half of the year rather than canceling it. Do you know what is the silver lining in this gloomy dark cloud? You are getting to spend more time with your sweetheart and plan your special day even better than the last time. We’ve come with a list that might bring some rays of hope for your new wedding date.


The news may seem heartbreaking and make you hopeless. But the truth remains infallible- your big day will come, and it will be the most special day of your life when you and your loved ones will come together and celebrate your heartwarming union.


For all the weddings that were scheduled for the next few weeks, up until June, might need a change of plans. Because of the uncertainty and tension in the air, the wedding experts and planners are recommending postponement to July or even beyond that, for many reasons. 


The most crucial advice by the wedding experts throughout the country for all the couples planning their wedding during this pandemic outbreak is to follow the news closely and maintain a detailed conversation with their wedding planners, vendors, and guests.


Every big-little problem comes with its own set of solutions and this isn’t different either. To help you assist with your change in the wedding date and planning accordingly, we have a list that you can look through before considering a new date for the wedding day. 


The availability of the venue and your other vendors

Contact your previous wedding venue and check the availability on your chosen date. If you fail to make a reservation on your chosen date, flex a little to arrange on a suggested date from their end. If you don’t feel flexible with changing the date according to the venue’s availability, then talk to them about the monetary refund and begin hunting for a new wedding venue. 


The flexibility of your budget

You have to be a little flexible as the biggest thing that is going to take the hit in this replanning process is your bank account. Rescheduling and canceling your vendors for a new date like your wedding photographer(s), the florist, the caterer, etc. will come with their own rescheduling and canceling policies and charges. Since it is unlikely that each and every vendor will be available for the new wedding date, consider flexing your budget for booking new vendors.


The availability of your most important wedding guests

With the recent travel restrictions in various cities, your out-of-town guests might feel difficult to confirm with the new date right away. Even your local guests might feel reluctant to confirm immediately, going by the urgent need for social distancing guidelines laid out by WHO. Check your final guest count, after sending out invitations with an RSVP deadline of eight weeks before the wedding date.


The season and weather

Your wedding plans will inevitably change with the change of seasons. For example, your florist might not find the seasonal flowers you wanted for your previous date, or even some of the dishes that included seasonal food items might have to be replaced. For any of these changes, we would recommend you to discuss in detail about all the changes and possibilities, as your vendors might have a fair share of knowledge about the seasonal availability of wedding items. Knowing everything beforehand will make sure that there is no last-minute confusion or surprises. 


Major holidays or events

In order to avoid heavy traffic, higher prices, crowded streets, and over-booked hotels check with the major holiday list or event dates, especially in case of a destination wedding. Also, check with your immediate friends and family as they might have certain problems due to obligations or conflicting travel schedules.


The timeline of your adjusted (new & improved!) wedding

While picking out a new wedding date, everything resumes from scratch and like the previous time, envision everything anew for a better plan layout. Consider the size of the new guest list, the new vendor line-up, the type of wedding you want (formal or casual), the kind of settings you want according to the new season, and take a look at your schedules as well.


Your new wedding date and the new plans surrounding it may seem a little overwhelming to you, as you are having to redo this all over again. But, do not let it get to you. Take one step at a time. Do what you need to do to feel comfortable and content. Watch Netflix and chill all day, or start reading the book you have it on your shelf for over a year now. In short, take good care of yourself and your loved ones. 


No matter, what happens, you should always keep an eye on the end goal - your wedding day! Honestly, it’s okay to feel helpless and sad. But, as we said, this isn’t a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’. And during this temporary shift, the only thing that should keep you holding to your oars while you navigate through the rough and wild waters is love.


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