4 Unforgettable Types of Wedding Guestbooks

When you look back on your wedding day, you'll want to remember who was there to celebrate that special day with you. What better way to do that than with a guestbook? Guestbooks work double duty as a record of your wedding guests and a lovely keepsake from the celebration. 


Guestbooks have evolved from a simple book of signatures. Now they've become interactive, dynamic, and personal. For couples looking to mix it up with a guestbook as unexpected and unique as the rest of their wedding details, here are some of our favorite guestbook ideas and guestbook alternatives


Bucket lists, Memories, and Advice

Your guests are fonts of wisdom. Ask them to share suggestions for places you should visit or activities you should do together to help you build your marriage bucket list. Learn from the experience of others by having your guests share relationship and marriage advice. There's bound to be a handful of really surprising (and helpful) suggestions. Or invite them to share memories that they have with the wedding couple. 


Instant Pics

Instant pictures like Polaroid and Instax bring vintage flair and fun candid energy to guestbooks. Remember your guests as they looked on your wedding day by including pictures in your guest books. You can have a photographer in charge of taking the pictures. Then guests can add them to the book along with their names and a message to the couple. 


Photo Album Guestbook

Like a yearbook, but for your wedding. Put those stunning engagement photos to good use with a photo album guestbook. You can include room on each page for the guests to sign or they can sign on the photos themselves-- in true yearbook fashion. 


Go for a Guest-Objects

The record of your guests doesn't have to be kept in a book. You can have guests sign Jenga pieces, records, wine corks, puzzle pieces, a globe, or signage with an initial or monogram. There are so many ways to make it feel really "you." 


The personal touches don't end there. The setup for your guestbook table is full of opportunity for unique reception decor. 

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