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11 Fun Ideas for Playful Engagement Sessions


If you’re looking for engagement session inspiration, we say go less dramatic and more rom-com. Not all sessions have to be super serious and romantic. We love the ones that feel personal, kinda quirky and super playful.


Plan your session around something you enjoy doing as a couple. It can be a fun activity or strolling to a favorite local spot. When you’re in your element, it helps you relax so your genuine emotion comes through your photos. Here are our favorite ideas for a playful engagement session.


Sweet Spot

Grab an ice cream cone or popsicle from a local ice cream shop. A summer treat is a charming and tasty prop. And we bet the store’s signage is just as sweet.


Pack a Picnic

Pack a classic basket and set the scene with the works. Flowers, champagne and retro bicycles add a playful touch of charm to photos.


Party On

Can’t contain your excitement? Let it fly with colorful confetti. Toss this go-to party staple in the air for an easy burst of color and big smiles.


Coffee Talk

Grab a coffee and sweet treat from your favorite bakery or coffee shop. Bonus points for a cozy or colorful atmosphere.


Fancy That

Fancy can be fun, too. Get dressed up and sip some bubbly. For car enthusiasts, take a stroll around town and pose with your ride.


Light as Air

To us, nothing beats a bouquet of balloons. It just might be our favorite for playful engagement sessions. Grab a bunch in different colors or make a bold statement with a monochromatic bouquet.


Under Your Umbrella

We’re all for singing in the rain. Step out in the showers for a romantic, old-Hollywood vibe. Bring matching umbrellas or stand close under one.


Kid Around

Your inner kid is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Head to your local playground to swing, slide and climb like two kids at heart.


Your Song

Music to your ears. A sweet serenade on the dock is a great idea for musicians—and romantics.


Get Creative

For statement-making photos with artistic soul, scout local art and urban murals as colorful backdrops.



Be a Good Sport

Game on! Sports-themed engagement photos are always a home run. Toss a baseball around, visit your favorite stadium, or pick up a game of touch football. You can’t get more playful than that.


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