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Engagement Ideas for Sports Fans

When it's the perfect time of year for sports -- football season kicking into high gear as baseball heads straight into the finals. In its honor, we’re celebrating with our favorite sports sessions. Get ready to start your fantasy draft (of engagement photography inspiration)!

Using a sports-related theme for your portraits creates a playful vibe. If neither of you are big on posing, this a great opportunity for adorable, casual candids. We love the glances and beach walks of these Los Angeles Dodgers fans!

The couple wore their favorite jerseys and hats over their engagement session attire. A quick change and they're set for a few sporting photos. We love the spontaneity of bringing a few jerseys along!

Sports props in your engagement session are a must if you're marrying a sports enthusiast (or maybe you're one yourself). We love this ring box made from a baseball but have seen others with team colors and logos.

Throw a few pitches and hit a few baseballs while your photographer snaps the action. Tee-shirts and jeans perfect for a few photos on the baseball diamond. Write your wedding date on the baseballs for a cute save-the-date photo opportunity!


For sports fans, it's an obvious choice when it comes time to choose an engagement session location - you'll go to your favorite sports stadium. Whether it's baseball, hockey, football or soccer, visiting your favorite field or arena will have you feeling excited and at ease for a few photos.


Did he propose at the stadium with the jumbotron or you guys just avid season ticket holders? Regardless, your favorite stadium will look perfect in the background. These St. Louis Cardinals fans have the right idea.

Maybe you were both fans of your college team or *gasp* rivals?! Showing off your college gear adds to your personal history without saying a word. And if you have furry friend, you can add them to the mix with their own jersey like this Texas A&M couple.

The wedding photographer’s favorite sports prop: the jersey! Use them to show off your future last name or numbers for the upcoming wedding date, like these Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Wild fans.

We're sure you have some sporting equipment lying around, meaning you already have the perfect props! Use them to show off the date or your new hardware AKA engagement ring, and fall is definitely time for hockey season! How many Chicago Blackhawks fans would love a session like this?

Nothing keeps things more playful than actually playing the game! Break out the soccer ball and get a game going on the field.

Whatever your sport, you’ll be ready to score a touchdown, make a slam dunk, or get a home run on your modern engagement session. So, get planning and break!


Looking for more inspiration? Visit our blog for engagement session ideas, décor inspiration and much more. If you are in need of an engagement session location to take your sports-related photos, check out our favorite locations here. Just choose your city and click on Need Engagement Shoot Ideas? Have fun!

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