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Ways for your Groom to Wear White!


One day, among the crowd, a face or a name seems to mean more than you ever thought possible! Your heart beats faster as you meet over coffee, dinner dates, take vacations together and meet each other’s families, and the bond only seems to get stronger over time. And before you know it, you find yourself on one knee asking the most important question, or nodding “yes” as you answer your sweetheart! After the sweet moments of the proposal, follows the whirlwind of preparationsHow the venue should be, which song will you dance to as you have your first dance, and what will be on the menu? If you are the groom reading this, you will probably be nodding along as we address the elephant in the room- wedding planning is probably going to be mostly your bride’s forte and you will probably be just on for the ride! While there are things like the color themestable setting decor, or the bridesmaid gifts that you might not have much of a say on, one thing that you can make yours is your wedding ensemble! After all, the wedding look is not just about the bride, and you need to step up your game too as you get to shine (almost) just as bright on this day!


One of the very important events in anyone’s life would be a wedding day. Weddings will always be special, be it for the bride or groom. The months-long preparation, right from deciding the venue to the menu to the guest list, can be a tedious task. You have been preparing for this auspicious day for so long, you obviously would put in a lot of time and effort in choosing the best at all things. One of the most important things at a wedding is the outfit. That perfect suit or tuxedo, which you would wear on your wedding day. It is extremely important to choose the aptest outfit on such an important day, as these are the photographs and memories which you will cherish forever. You would not want to look back at the photographs and wonder, “Ah, I wish I would have chosen something else.” Many factors influence your choice of outfit on your wedding day and what is better than a beautiful white tuxedo or suit


While in weddings, brides get the first claim on the wedding whites, there is no reason you can be a groom in white too! As someone would say, white is always the safest option but the simplicity and elegance of the color ‘white’ are what makes it stand out in a crowd. Sure, white is a tad tricky color to handle, you might need some foresight on this, and here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a white tuxedo or suit for your wedding day:


Choose the right shade of white: Yes, you read it right. There are several different shades of white in the market. These shades can range from light pastels to light beige, to tones of gray in it. One must always opt for softer whites instead of stark whites. This is because brides tend to wear ivory rather than white and you would not want your outfit to turn out yellow at the end. Choosing the shade concerning the weather and climate is also so important because the weather on the day of the wedding also determines how your dress will look in photographs and in real life. The natural light shows the true color of the outfits. It is also important to understand what shades you are wearing underneath your tuxedo or suit so that it does not look like a ‘white-washed wall’. Asking or consulting a fashion expert or a designer whose expertise is wedding dresses can also be a great thing. Hence, understanding the hues and shades of white is extremely important, so that you know what color goes with which shade and makes your outfit a bomb one!


Create a visual pinboard of your ideas and outfits: Having multiple ideas and outfits planned will not cause any harm, rather it will help you keep your options open and a variety to choose from or mix and match. Understanding different materials of cloth such as velvet, satin, cotton, silk, etc. also affect the quality of your dress. Each of these materials looks different and not every material can complement your body or outfit. Hence, having samples of your outfit material is also very important. 


Pinterest is outfit heaven. You can find so many inspirations on it that it might be overwhelming after a point in time. You can search for your aesthetic or anything particular too if needed. Rest, consultation with a fashion expert or wedding dress designer is indeed very important too. Together, you can create a visual pinboard of your ideas, right from outfits, to materials, to shade palette, etc. An outline of ideas can be a guide to your perfect white wedding suit!


Match the bride! Have a sample of your bride’s dress and the outlay of your decor at the wedding. It is very important to know what colors your to-be wife is wearing on the wedding day. This is an extremely crucial step because you would not want your white suit to clash with the bride’s gown. This will not only create unnecessary chaos but also highly affect how your outlook has been portrayed. Couples' outfit colors should not be the same because it affects the photographs as well. When you know what shades your wife would be wearing, you will have an idea in your mind about how you should plan your outfit that will compliment her dress and not be the same. Here again, understanding the hues and shades of the dress is extremely crucial because even a small mistake can leave a bigger impact on the whole situation and create a mismatched mistake. If she is going for lighter hues, go for darker hues that will make you also stand out in the crowd. 


Another thing to keep in mind while choosing your white tuxedo is what the ambiance or decor at your wedding venue looks like. If the color of your outfit and the decor are the same, you will just camouflage into the background, making you look odd and under-dressed. As mentioned earlier, your outfit leaves a huge impact on the whole wedding day as you would want to stand out. Make sure to side-by-side coordinate with the selection of your outfit and the selection of the venue and decor, so that it does not clash with each other.

Understanding the budget and sustainability of your outfit: Obviously, you would want to choose the best of the best for your wedding day, but you are already spending a lot on other things, and this might affect your decision of choosing the best quality wedding dress. To tackle this problem, you need to understand the budget of the existing wedding ensembles in the market. Customization is the best option indeed, but it can be a little hefty on your pocket too. Having multiple options causes no harm. Make sure to research well, explore as many stores as possible and if you can, understand the price ranges of every cloth and suit out there. Yes, your wedding day is special, and that outfit you wear will also be extremely special, but you should also consider the sustainability of your tuxedo too. Make sure to choose an outfit which you can wear on your wedding day as a whole and wear different elements of it again, on different occasions. A white tuxedo is indeed a very versatile piece, which gives you another reason why you should opt for a white tux at your wedding!


Choosing the right accessories: Yes, accessories! They play a very significant role in making your outfit look like the moon in the sky. Here are a few accessories which you can add to your white tuxedo, to make it stand out -

  • 1. Bow tie: You can be as creative as you want when it comes to choosing a bow tie. Patterned, single color, or even monochrome. But, you should always choose a bow tie that complements your white tuxedo and not be the center of attention in the whole outfit. It should not look odd.

  • 2. Cufflinks and studs: People have nowadays been so creative and come out with really interesting studs and cufflinks (there are even Avengers-themed cufflinks in the market!). Choosing the right cufflink and stud is also important and the smallest details matter. Your white tuxedo already is a bold move and every minute detail you add to it will make it stand out.

  • 3. Suspenders: Yes, some might say suspenders look more ‘prom’ type than the wedding day type. One needs to have the right vibe to carry suspenders. Again, choosing the right color is very crucial here too.

  • 4. Pocket square: A pocket square is a great accessory to complete your look. These come in different types such as silk, linen, velvet, etc. You need to understand what type of pocket square complements your suit. Do not be scared to experiment with patterns. This is indeed a great way to liven up your tux.

  • 5. Watch: “What time is it? It’s time to slay my wedding outfit!” and to make this happen, there is nothing better than a watch. A watch helps a lot to complete a formal look. It makes you look sharp and decent, with a touch of a mature look. A pocket watch is a dapper choice for such occasions.

  • 6. Boutonniere: If you do not want to choose a pocket square, then a boutonniere in the lapel can be your other option. To pull this off, make sure to wear a single blossom of flower matching your wedding flowers to complement your white tuxedo.

7. Choose a perfect hairstyle and makeup: Getting the perfect hairstyle is also important to make you stand out in the crowd. You can consult with a professional who will guide you on what hairstyle will suit you the best with your face cut and outfit as well. There are many different hairstyles such as the buzz cut, the undercut, side part style, the ivy league cut, or if you are trying something out of the box, try a man bun! Make sure to pay attention to the closest details, right starting from setting your beard to even trimming your eyebrows. Note that every detail matters! There is nothing bad in having a little makeup on too, just some concealer and foundation or even a contour will make your face sharper and give you a sense of confidence as well. A makeup and hair artist here can be of great help and guide you exactly on how to go about your whole ‘look’.


The right pair of shoes and socks: When choosing the right tuxedo shoe, it all starts with what type of tuxedo you are wearing. Not every shoe goes with every tux. Again, understanding style and patterns are highly important, for which, consultation with a fashion expert can be a blessing to you. With a classic white tuxedo, you can very well pair it with classic dress shoes such as oxfords, monk strap shoes, and loafers in black. Sometimes, luxe leather can be a little on the dressier side on a wedding day, you can spice things up with a velvet, satin, or patent style as well. If you want to go trendy and a little different, you can pair your tuxedos with Jordans or sneakers as well, just to give that athletic and bold look! In the end, it is you who is going to carry the outfit, so make sure to do it right. In the option for socks, a pair of black socks is always the safest bet, but you can always have fun with it!


Some of our favorite picks!

When it comes to white suits and tuxedos, the options are truly endless, and each is as mesmerizing as the next! If you are on the hunt for the perfect fit for your special day, we have done all the homework for you, so that you don't have to! Here are some of the best picks we found around the internet!

Hampton Ivory Tuxedo
This Hampton Ivory Tuxedo is opulent and sophisticated. This exquisitely designed suit is made from the best Super 140s wool combined with silk and cashmere and feels every bit as good as it looks. The Hampton Ivory Tuxedo is elevated even more with satin-covered buttons and matching satin lapels.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Men's UltraFlex Classic-Fit Twill Dinner Jacket
If you want to dance all night, this twill dinner jacket is the way to go. It's made with UltraFlex technology, which allows you to move freely your arms and chest and it will look quite dapper on you as well!

Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Linen Tuxedo Jacket
Planning for a summer soiree? Choose this Brooks Brothers linen tuxedo jacket for a lighter fabric choice. It's made of linen, a lightweight, breathable fabric that's ideal for a summer wedding.

Robert Graham Floral Jacquard Classic Fit Dinner Jacket

This jacket's modest floral jacquard fabric is ideal for the groom who believes that "less is more." For a more formal look, it's double vented, lined, and features a two-button clasp.

Perfect Tux White Tuxedo Slim Fit with Black Shawl Lapel
The tux's uniform white is broken up by the strong black details around the shawl lapel and pockets. This is a typical choice for a man who doesn't want to make a big deal about his wedding day attire.

Suitsupply Off-White Havana Tuxedo
This tuxedo from Havana is ideal for a tropical wedding. The narrow cut, made of linen, frames the shoulders naturally for grooms of all sizes. What's better? As your bride goes down the aisle, the pocket square holds a little handkerchief that you can use to wipe away the tears.

Indochino Hampton Black and Ivory Tuxedo
The fact that you're looking for a white tuxedo doesn't mean it has to be all white. To make a statement, wear a white jacket with black trim and black slacks.

To conclude, a wedding day is a big deal, and the way you look and feel on that special day is something that you should not compromise on as you search for the perfect fit for your perfect day. As mentioned earlier, understanding the hues and shades of white is extremely important. Whether you are going in for a light linen suit set or a more formal jacquard tuxedo, make sure you try out different options before you make the final call! Make sure to try on different outfits, planning out every single thing, starting right from the studs to the shoes, every detail matters


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