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Transitional Color Palettes for Any Season


According to Arnaud Desjardins “Life is movement. The more life there is, the more flexibility there is. The more fluid you are, the more you are alive. And all we can say is - true that! Hasn’t the Coronavirus outbreak made us more flexible than ever. Good for us! Remember, one of your great strengths is your ability to take it on the chin.


You squirreled away your wedding somewhere for some time. Clear the decks, wedding season is back! The turbulent times were able to shake your wedding date, but not your determination! Whatever happened was temporary and what’s permanent is LOVE!


We already started dreaming about taking trips to Mars and Moon, if that was too much of a far-fetched vision then making a wedding exit in a flying car was almost possible. But 2020 was the year when we were banned from even walking on the roads, forget about flying in the air! Who thought a mere virus would turn the world upside down in the 21st century of artificial intelligence. The emergence of social media, smartphones, self-driving cars, had already become the old news! The huge leaps in energy storage, artificial intelligence, and medical science had already given us a sense of a safe world and everyone was busy chasing their own short-term and long-term goals! And newly-engaged or soon-to-be-married couples were no exception! They were also rowing their boats with their own sweet speed to reach their happily ever after! But many of them, on a whim, had to give up and cancel the wedding, some found a way to turn this situation into a good account and chose to exchange vows online or amidst only the masked nearest and dearest (many thanks to the Internet, hand sanitizers, and face masks!). However, there were couples who neither lost their hope nor compromised on their dreams and decided to postpone their weddings (kudos!). And ‘tis the blog for them!


Weddings didn’t stop and will stop only when pigs fly! The weddings are taking place, mutatis mutandis, all over the world. Thanks to the vaccine producers! And as wedding season is in full swing right now, it’s time to get your ducks in a row and have a blast! Whether you postponed your wedding due to “cold feet” sickness, natural disasters, or even a global health crisis (as we have seen this year), there are tons of things to consider if you faced the task of postponing your big day- some crucial, some not-that-crucial. And one of the important ones that are the nuts and bolts of the big event is of course your wedding color palette. From the wedding venue to the bridal dress and the matching accessories along with the wedding shoes to the food and cocktail menu to the wedding invites, almost every to-do was checked off the wedding checklist in agreement with the season and the wedding theme you picked for the red-letter day. You’ve already paid a fortune for your dream wedding out of your nest egg. As we all are in this together, most of your vendors were by your side like wedding photographers, venue, and caterers and helped you tackle the heavy task of postponing the wedding during the Coronavirus outbreak. And now the only things that you can do are pending. Case in point: tweaking your well-curated color palette and theme. Rather than take a hit on your bank account by changing your colors completely, you can always tweak them a bit to better fit the season the new wedding date is falling in. Here’s a strategy for reworking your wedding color palette to bring the day that you always envisioned to fruition.


  1. Pastels
  2. Pastels are lighter and can be used as a base color with metallic accents to make them brighter and perfect for summer. Conversely, by incorporating dark hues and gray tones, the color scheme of the wedding will transition more toward fall. Blush tones, peachy hues, and pale blue aren't typically colors you'd expect to see at a trendy fall wedding, but this place setting is a great example of how you can mix deep amber tones and dark leafy greens to make a color palette feel rich and autumnal. Use the deeper shades of your spring hues - pale pinks, blues, and yellows to transform your spring color palette to dreamy fall or whimsical winter nuptials. White, silver, gold, and red are popular winter wedding colors, so transitioning pastels to muted tones and bright reds and greens could also be great. The same applies to bright, summery colors; don’t shy away from deepening the shade of the colors you chose to fit a cold-weather green wedding.

  3. Citrus
  4. A citrus color scheme is the best way to make your zest and zing summer nuptials pop. When sprinkled throughout the wedding decor as a punchy contrast, these juicy colors can take your fall or winter wedding to the next level. If you thought of layering your summer wedding with a savory mix of oranges, yellows, and greens to create a visually refreshing and uplifting palette of your whitewashed summer wedding then introduce fall foliage, shrubs, and leaves to your wedding decor or have winter woodland packed in like sardines and let the citrus details play peek-a-boo with the new kid on the block! For instance, in winter, choose heavier fabrics in citrus colors for your girls rather than lighter chiffon and elevate the men’s attire with a citrus pocket square or tie or boutonniere. You may also think of incorporating bouquets made from the pages of scary books, witchy tights, and more for your postponed eco-friendly Halloween-themed wedding. To tone down the energy somewhat, consider adding wood elements to your summery bright yellows, oranges, and pinks. A quick reminder: autumn leaves and pampas grass are a budget-friendly (free!) decoration for your fall wedding!

  5. Blue
  6. If blue was the main color of your spring or summer wedding palette, then the transition of your warm-weather wedding to seasonal or festive nuptials is not a hard row to hoe! Blue is already a timeless and classic color that can get along with any season or any color easily and perfectly. Mix the lighter shades of tranquil blue like cornflower, sky, and powder with cool, deep navy and midnight hues. Watercolors in wintry shades of blue and gray to evoke a stormy snow day can do the trick! Or tie your bridal bouquet of classic white roses and dried wheat together with a cobalt-hued ribbon for wintry vibes. Give the guests favors of blankets in diverse shades of blue to keep them warm on the chilly wedding day and later after the nuptials are exchanged! Blue on blue is a minimal, but effective choice. The blue suit can handle just about any stop on the color wheel. Pair up the navy blue suits of your groom and his groomsmen with a fall-inspired or wintry boutonniere nodding to the bouquets you and your bridal party are going to carry. Add a few metallic notes here and there for a bit of extra magic.

  7. Cerulean and Pink
  8. Unusual doesn’t have to mean in-elegant! Glam up your fall wedding day with cerulean and pink unapologetically, and ignore if you heard someone saying or read somewhere that bright shades like cerulean and pink can't work for cold-weather celebrations. Embrace this color combo with your girl gang by giving room to fuchsia, yellow, and cream blooms in the wedding bouquets. You’ll be surprised to see how playful the unexpected splash of cerulean looks against all the natural fall colors. Pink, reds, and oranges are kith and kin, which makes the girly color fit right in, tying the palette together with fun and romance. Complement the duo with a wash of clementine, and you’ll forget all your grief that arose due to an unexpected and unwanted delay in tying the knot with the love of your life!

  9. Blush+Mint
  10. If you always dreamed of exchanging vows amidst blush and mint details in the season of blooms, then use more subdued versions of those sought-after shades to rock your rescheduled November wedding. No doubt, blush and mint color scheme is traditionally associated with springtime weddings, but that doesn't mean it's off-limits for the season of fall. We assure you they will end up working beautifully with your gorgeous wedding site along with the fall foliage and fading light.

  11. Peach
  12. Is the dominating color of your chosen wedding color palette peach and are you wondering will it fall into place for your fall wedding? No worries, everything is just peachy! Pair your tropical peachy hues with dusty blue or green, to come up with a perfect color palette for your autumn wedding. A wedding arch embellished with peachy peonies, blue hydrangea, leafy greens, and vibrant aloe vera is sure to inject tropical, warm-weather vibes to your seaside ceremony in the season of autumn. From wedding party attire to the centerpieces and table decorations, invitations, cakes, the combinations are a visual treat for sure. When peach marries warm wood tones it gives birth to a refreshing and stunning color palette lending an air of sophistication to any fall bash. You ladies just rock ultra-feminine floral arrangements consisting of peach, ivory, pink, and light green! When mixed and matched with alluring and mysterious blackberry and raspberry, peach nails a perfect modern black-tie fall wedding. To take your peach wedding into warm and cozy fall territory, welcome other neutrals like camel, and chocolate brown, and pull off a spectacular fall-inspired vintage wedding with a rustic wedding arch decked up with lilies, a macaron cake, and stationery with an Art Deco motif.

  13. Champagne+Burgundy
  14. If you imagined yourself in white and your girls in champagne bridesmaid dress with white and burgundy bouquets, the groom and his men in black suits for your spring nuptials before it was shifted to a different season. Then nothing is ruined yet, trust us! Thanks to burgundy in the palette! Just a bit of change and Bob's your uncle! Let your bridesmaids slay in champagne dresses and champagne shoes but give them burgundy and peach wedding bouquets, allow your groom and groomsmen to cut a fine figure in gray suits but accentuate them with burgundy ties. Add champagne shoes, gold chairs, champagne table linens, and burgundy centerpieces to get the color palette up to snuff. Always regarded to be a fall wedding color, burgundy works its magic when clubbed with blush, gold, gray, orange, yellow, green, or navy blue to make a rich and perfect wedding color scheme for fall and winter weddings.

  15. Sunflower Yellow
  16. From the first blooms of spring to the changing leaves in fall, the shades of yellow never fail to wow us all regardless of the season! If a yellow spring or summer wedding was your dream that was disturbed by the C-virus, and now you are looking for ideas to make it fall-appropriate or winter-perfect, then fret not, as the sunny yellow is perfect for any season. Spring, summer, fall, or winter, sunflower yellow bridesmaid dresses or Pantone flower girl’s dresses are a bright and bold choice for your lovelies, or think of donning a glamorous yellow dress for your intimate nuptials (remember how fantastic Meghan Markle was looking in her yellow dress on her wedding with Prince Harry?) There are myriad ways you can take while using bright yellow or Pantone color in the decor to highlight your fall wedding, going with either of the two colors (like yellow+gray), or fusing both for an ombre effect.


Life is like a box of crayons! Whether it’s the calming effect of blue skies and fields of green or the saliva-inducing red and yellow of your favorite pizza and hot dog, each color has a meaning and taps into emotions. Every color has a specific meaning, but they are still not biased. Rose doesn’t mean red always, a lotus doesn’t mean pink every time. Sky doesn’t mean blue at all times. Grass doesn’t mean green all the time. They change their hue too and with their every different shade they still look as pretty as the picture, suiting everyone. You might think your wedding colors are limited to a specific time of the year, but actually, with a little tweak here and there in your color palette and theme, you can easily adapt the colors to suit any date and nail the wedding of dreams!


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