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Wedding Colors of 2021


Heartiest congratulations on your recent engagement! So, by now everyone knows the beautiful romantic story of you saying yes to the love of your life. And we are pretty much sure that everyone must have seen that stunning engagement ring on your finger too! Now the next question that everyone will be coming up with is probably what about the wedding? The wedding venue? The wedding dress and the list goes on…! When it comes down to planning a perfect and memorable wedding, we know there are hundreds of details that you and your sweetheart need to take care of in order to make every moment of your big and special day memorable and perfect! Just like every other decision that you will be making for your wedding day, selecting wedding colors is definitely a task that is more important than anyone thought! All the other details will be built on the wedding color palette that you will choose for your wedding day! 

From selecting the finest wedding venue for your wedding ceremony to going shopping for the bridesmaid dresses to ordering the table lines and deciding the design of the wedding invitations, selecting a wedding color theme early is an important step in order to have the rest of your wedding planning process run smoothly! Because your wedding colors are going to be the anchors for your big-day decor! Influenced by your personal preferences and the season you are choosing to get married and lastly the destination of your wedding, the 2021 wedding color palette will help you settle on the chic and flattering wedding colors for your wedding day! The reason why we always advise our soon-to-be brides to choose their wedding color palette beforehand is that it will make floral, linen, and other rental decisions a bit easy to make! 

It is also true that not all the shades or combinations of wedding colors work well together! There are endless factors that being a bride you should look for in your celebration so that the day of your dreams turns out the way you have always envisioned! The factors that determine the wedding color includes- the season you are getting married in? If you are going for a winter wedding, deep jewel tones are the perfect wedding colors for a winter wonderland wedding. But if you are a spring baby and want to exchange your vows when everything is so romantic and blossoming around you, then soft green is a great choice for a spring wedding color palette. And if you have planned a fall wedding, then warm rusts speak to the fall! Apart from the wedding season, your wedding destination is also an important factor that you need to look at before you choose your wedding color. Like if you are planning to have a fantastic destination wedding in Santorini, Greece, then the romantic combination of blue and white will speak best for your wedding day. And so, a romantic oceanside or a beach wedding in southern California would be outstanding with beautiful cream, peach, and sage notes! With a full rainbow of possibilities, the sky's the limit for selecting a perfect wedding color palette for your 2021 wedding! So, to help you out in choosing the best wedding colors, we have rounded up some unique wedding colors for 2021 weddings! We can assure you that these unique and trending wedding colors of 2021 are bound to inspire your wedding color palette selection! In this blog, we will be mentioning all the trendy 2021 wedding colors that you will be seeing everywhere throughout the year. From wedding attire to floral arrangements to wedding decor and beyond, these will be the wedding colors for 2021! 

As a result of the uncertainty and vivid challenges brought by none other than COVID-19, couples who have postponed their weddings for 2021 are inclining towards the lighter, and mood-boosting hues. In short, they are going old school with the basic tones for their 2021 wedding colors! So, if you are also amongst those couples who are soon going to be married and confused about choosing colors for their wedding, keep reading! The options are endless! So, let’s start! 

Powder Blue
Powder blue is again back in the game for 2021 weddings! Considered one of the most classic and always trendy wedding colors, blue has always been a staple in many couple’s wedding color palettes! And this year this amazing and pretty powder blue color is making a comeback into the mix for 2021 wedding colors. And the best part is that this lovely and charming 2021 wedding color is seasonless and versatile for all types of wedding decors! Whether you are planning to have a grand and formal ballroom wedding ceremony or simply want to have a laid-back rustic dinner with just your close ones, it is just not practically possible for you to go wrong with this charming pastel wedding color! You can add this color to your wedding in many ways. From your bridal bouquet to your eyeshadow, to your bridesmaids’ dresses this color is easy to fit in anywhere! If you are planning to add more colors along with this powder blue color then you can consider pairing it with pink or yellow, as this combination will look flawless and enchanting! For all the couples who are planning to have a winter or fall wedding and thinking to add this lovely color to their wedding decor here is a small tip for you! You can make an elegant combination of powder blue with burgundy or rust orange to have the seasonal vibe in your wedding! 

Matcha Green
If you are a tea person and more specifically love having a matcha chai latte every morning, then here is a piece of good news for you! Matcha green is also on the list of wedding colors of 2021! There is no doubt that green color is already an unsung hero when it comes to weddings. A majority of couples do like to have an outdoor wedding ceremony surrounded by greenery all around. And most of the trendy wedding floral arrangements and bridal bouquets rely on leafy greens! Hence, this year, the green color will have its own moment to shine out bright and will be seen almost everywhere! Green color has become extremely popular in recent years and all the credit goes to trendy tropical wedding trends, but are considered as one of the most cherished and top wedding colors of 2021, this lovely color will take on a much more eclectic, and almost retro vibe! 

Couples who are planning over a classic retro or vintage-inspired wedding can play along with various shades of green including olive, pistachio, avocado, and lastly matcha green as these shades gracefully bring an alluring and cool retro effect ‘70s vibe to your entire wedding aesthetic! For an impacting chic bohemian wedding vibe, you can use the brighter shades of green color as it will bring an energetic and fresh feel! 

Lovely Lavender and Lilac
Purple is going to be a super-duper trendy 2021 wedding color! Pale purple and all the other shades that come under purple are all set to make a wildcard entry as some of the most in-demand wedding colors for 2021! But unlike the light and dainty wedding color trends of the past years, this year’s purple shade is not your regular or we say average pastels! As a replacement for dark plum and amethyst, the lighter hues of this color, especially lilac and lavender are on every couple’s radar to be some of the most liked wedding colors for the rest of the year! There is no doubt when we say that both these lovely and charming colors are whimsical and sophisticated and make a setting more romantic and inviting! All the couples out there who are planning to have an outdoor garden wedding or have set their hearts on spring weddings can always be playful around these two heartwarming colors! These pastel and enchanting wedding colors of 2021 are also perfect for those light and airy wedding photos especially the outdoor wedding photos!

Papaya Orange
The different hues of orange color especially the burnt and rusty shades have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more brides were and still are preferring to have bohemian and rustic weddings. And this year, papaya orange is being the most trending and most popular wedding color for 2021 weddings. Just think that this 2021 wedding color is an updated and a bit punchier and enhanced version of coral or peach color! This pastel wedding color palette is just as unique and eye-arresting, with a slightly more playful vibe! This new accent wedding color is best suited for tropical wedding themes, along with beach elopements, or a lovely summer wedding celebration! You can also pair this classic 2021 wedding color with other vibrant shades, like fuchsia, lime, and teal. Indeed this warm and pleasant wedding color palette is an instant mood-booster! Trust us, fusing this color with other hues will help you make your wedding day a memorable celebration amongst all your wedding guests! And it is also trending on Instagram! 

The Tuscany Yellow
Tuscany yellow, one of the boldest and hottest 2021 wedding colors. This wedding color is an ideal choice for all those couples who are always in search of a color palette that does not feel overdone or bland! So, prep up yourself to see this bright and shining wedding color popping up everywhere. Adding Tuscany yellow color to your wedding day decor will offer a unique and luxe vibe to the entire setting! The rich, charming, and golden tone of this 2021 wedding color will instantly add an aesthetic warmness along with a sun-kissed texture to your wedding day! An ideal choice for the couples who are planning for a summer wedding on a beach or a romantic celebration during the month of fall! Add Tuscany yellow color to your 2021 wedding and create a vision of a pastoral European setting and make all your wedding guests go wow! 

Earthy Neutral Wedding Colors
If you are a bride who never had a thing for bright color palettes and is confused about which wedding color will be the best choice for her big day, then here is good news for you! The neutral wedding colors are back on track and are going to be extremely popular as the trending 2021 wedding color! The neutral shades were indeed very popular in the recent year, but this year they are being expected to be huge! The earth-neutral hues like taupe, dusty rose, ivory, gray, and cream are so much in demand when it comes to bridesmaids’ dresses! From lovely floral arrangements to wedding decor, you will find endless ways to bring in the earthy-neutral tones of 2021 to your wedding day! 

90’s Bright Wedding Colors
Everyone is just ready to see all the beautiful and stunning bold colors everywhere this year! The charming and glorious 90s era is back and better than ever before! All those old-school couples who are very much excited and are looking ahead to adding a nostalgic vibe to their wedding day should definitely consider this color palette for their 2021 wedding! There are endless possibilities for all the ‘90s babies to add these colors to their wedding day! From fuchsia to yellow to teal to bright red and cobalt, there are some of the newest and trending wedding colors of 2021. Any single color from this enchanting palette or a combination of two will help you make a remarkable statement on your wedding day! A combination of any two of the above-mentioned colors will result in a palette that is bold and non-traditional! 

One of the best ways to figure out your wedding colors and find the best way to add them to your big day is to consult with your wedding planner! If you are planning not to go for a wedding planner, then we have got you covered! You can always contact us and seek advice from our professionals to have an incredible and memorable wedding!


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