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Unique Winter Wedding Color Palettes


As the summer says her last goodbyes for the year and autumn blooms in all the warm crackling shades, the air instantly takes a new turn. There is a chill in the spine which has nothing to do with the nip in the air. As the time slows down and the weather gets cozy, there is a collective electric excitement among everyone. With the first wayward cold breeze of the season, autumn announces the arrival of winter, the hearty festivities, the celebrations with friends and family, and of course the winter weddings! If you and your partner have your heart set on a winter wedding and are still looking into color combinations- green and red might be the first colors to make an appearance. However, keep in mind that there are tons of options out there to choose from. If you are tying the knot during the colder festive months, but are torn by various color palettes, we have the perfect mix of seasonal wedding color palettes which go beyond the red and green. Let’s find out together. 


Silver and light blue

The colors of icicles and chilling winter wonderlands, silver and light blue make the perfect combination for a winter wedding. The best thing about this combination is that it can be used as sparingly or abundantly as one would like. You can go for tasteful and light-handed touches of the colors in your wedding for a subtle icy escapade vibe or go full "Frozen" and fully surrender to the effect. It is surely a perfect way to open up to the season and let it reflect on your special day, without bringing in the traditional holiday colors, and the effect is refreshing and almost ethereal and translates great in your wedding photography.


All white

Not a combination, but another color theme to go with is the traditional all-white tone. Heavily reminiscent of chilly winter temperatures and snowy landscapes, an all-white wedding can be refreshing and wildly dramatic in the winter. Not only is it clean, sophisticated, and luxurious, but it is also surprisingly easy to implement, as most wedding elements are already white. While white can look like a simple color, it can pack quite an impact. To bring the decor to life, use abundant textures and dimensions to the wedding, so that color doesn't fall flat. Combine different fabrics, plants and greenery to add dimension. Don't shy away from adding greenery and natural materials to bring the look home. 


Cream, gray, and copper

This darker moodier neutral palette is a set of perfectly unique winter wedding colors for a wedding. Creamy white paired beautifully with a darker gray and the metallic copper warms things up beautifully. This is a perfect mix of hues for a variety of different visions, be it an upscale ballroom event or a rustic barn wedding. The right contrast of warm and cold tones, the festive indulgence in the metallics, and the perfect canvas created with creamy white tones, all come together to create a beautiful setting which is still neutral, but deeper and full of dimension. 


Black, gold, and green

Black is surely a dark color, but is endlessly sophisticated and classy, and has always been a part of wedding colors, perfectly contrasted by white for harmony. Here, however, we are speaking of black as a centerstage color, which is elegantly paired with gilded accents and touched with the wild winter elements outside by inviting a bit of natural greenery to the mix. The result is upscale yet rustic, glam yet natural, and the perfect acknowledgment of the holiday season. The result is broody and dark and wonderfully winter-appropriate, yet a timeless classic combination nonetheless. 


Green, white, and gold

While we have already covered white, the delicate composition of the color pallet which includes white with a deep evergreen color and metallics to warm things up in liquid gold just works wonderfully. A wedding that is gleaming in white and glimmering in gold, and touched with greenery is such to be refreshing and timelessly appealing. The effortless mix of colors works beautifully in the peak of summer as well in the colder months, making it highly variable. You can make this combination a bit deeper and winter-luxe by including berry tones sparingly.


Pewter and red

Pewter is an antique silver metallic hue which has gained sudden attention in recent times. With the same cold-toned composition of silver, but a more worn-down antiquey allure, pewter has become a popular addition to weddings. In the winter months, pewter looks stunning when matched with a deeper shade of red. Together, the duo can create an elegant setting with just the right tonal involvement of the red color and the metallic complexity of the pewter, resulting in a vintage-inspired color palette which is sure to wow everyone.


Maroon and brass

What is a holiday wedding color palette if it doesn't include the rich jewel tones like maroon? The thing about maroon is that it instantly shifts the vibe of the setting. It works perfectly with a myriad of colors but does especially well with brass. A close cousin of copper, brass is a richer hue of gold and pairs perfectly with maroon, a combination which is still seasonally appropriate, while being warm and cozy, indulgent yet inviting. Brass has an undeniable antique touch to the metal, making everything it is paired with look deliciously antique and full of history. We assure you that at a wedding with these rich tones as your power colors, you are sure to feel like royalty. Accentuate this luxe combo with mercury glass candle stands and vases, and opulent upholstered seating.   


Charcoal and apricot orange

There are many variations of these combinations, and it's no surprise that every one of the combinations works perfectly. Highly unexpected, apricot is a moodier cousin of our friendly and vibrant orange and charcoal is a deeper gray, and both combined together create a color palette that is starkly contrasting, elegant, and cozy at the same time. A barely-there apricot-orange lifts the charcoal color, inviting color into the mix, and the juxtaposition of both is truly beautiful. Add in greenery to add a woodland feel and add metallics for a more festive flair, and don't hold back, this combo is highly variable and looks great captured in your wedding photography.


Navy and gold

The color combo has braved the test of time and continues to impress our winter brides. A classy combo that never goes out of style, navy and gold together add just the right amount of bold stroke of color and the spark of regality. In the brisk winter weather, blue and gold have the perfect duality of colors to let your wedding come together in the most elegant and luxurious way. Its deep navy is sophisticated and stoic metallic gold celebrates the festive spirit, leaving a charming regal tone behind. With these two colors in play, your winter wedding is sure to come alive with an iridescent royal elegance. 


Smokey gray and pale blue 

The colors of the brewing storm, smokey gray mixes enticingly with the palest of blue to draw out the most amazing hues of color which are perfect for a broody winter wedding. The tones are moody yet light and airy, almost icy, and they work beautifully with metallics, shimmers, and frosted accents. Think along the lines of ethereal blue bridesmaid dresses, chandelier-inspired table decor, smoky gray linen wear, and frosted desserts. Light and multi-faceted and wildly dramatic, this winter wedding color combo is a winner.


Mauve and jade

Sharing the spotlight as one of the two of the most loved colors in quite some time now, these muted jewel tones are highly susceptible to all seasons and can be winterized to be sweet and romantic in a way that feels intentional and stylish. A more winter-appropriate combo of the much-loved summer duo blush and eucalyptus, this color combination speaks of a colder weather romance and sweltering love, pair it with deep berries and darker-hued jewel tones of similar color family and you have a color combination which is a stunner.


Midnight blue and silver

The color palette is reminiscent of a clear blue midnight sky on a cold winter night- what's not to like? The deep blue is the hero color of the mix, and the silver makes an appearance in shimmers and sequins and accents like sparkling stars embedded in the velvety sky. While this color palette works equally well for a celestial-themed wedding in summer, it has a different beauty as a winter wedding color scheme. Full of out-of-the-world whimsy, this ethereal wedding theme works beautifully with both silver and gold, however, it is with silver that you get that dash cold of winter sky magic.


Berry, pine, and wood

A mere indication of Christmas but not predictably festive, something about berry tones, frosty pine leaves, and rustic wooden accents speak to every soul as it is universally celebrated to be winter colors. An ode to the festive months, yet deeper and more intense in the colors, these are the colors that make a perfect winter backdrop as you say “I do” to your loved one. Natural materials like wooden, matched with abundant foliage and real pinecones, the berry hues reflected in scarlet roses and other berry decor accents, this color combination will sure impress the romantic hearts with its rustic coziness and warm inviting vibes. 


Plum and gray

The quiet regality of plum mirrors the obvious royalty that purple brings, while still bringing in a more berry-hued approach to the mix, and pairing this precious color with gray is stunning in its impact. A seasonally appropriate mix of colors, plum, and gray are compatible and the deeper alternative to its summer counterpart- lavender and ash-gray. Jewel and berry tones are always loved by our winter brides and they can be enchanting colors, the reliability of gray is often required to reel those colors in for a delicate balance!



What says holiday better than plaid? Nothing, really! The intricate mix of complementary colors mixed together in the most beautiful plaid fabrics is the most potent way of demonstrating the festive season without going all red and green and gold on your wedding theme! You can use shades of maroon, emerald green, mustard, or black, among many other possibilities, to come up with a plaid pattern that perfectly suits your vibe. The ambiance will instantly be warm and cozy, just the way a winter wedding should be. The ambiance will be inviting and laid-back like a warm blanket is on a cold evening. 


Winter rustic neutrals

There is something timeless about a rustic setting that is not bound by any seasonal restraints and winter rustics go to show just that. There are enough natural elements that can be played up in a rustic winter wedding, from bare branches to cozy barns, wooden tones to weathered arches. Wooden accents play a pivotal role and burlap linens add to the charm white glowing candles and pops of greenery set the settings for a cozy farm-inspired reception. The colors are natural shades like beige, browns, and white and pops of white and black, and the effect is warm and cozy, just the thing one wants in a winter wedding. 


Champagne and burgundy

The silky champagne hues are gorgeous and neutral enough to go with every season but when you add burgundy, there is an understated elegance to the look which is undeniable. Add dimension to the texture by adding a variety of different materials like metals and metallics (copper or pewter?), liquid silks, and faux fur, which bring in the warm and cozy feeling of a winter wedding. The contrast is weather appropriate, a slightly different variety of blush and burgundy combination, and the impact is memorable, and with champagne and burgundy as your wedding colors, you are sure to leave an impression.

Weddings are amazing and there are many things which make a wedding the enchanting experience that it is. The delicately selected flowers, the distinguished style of decor, most importantly, the colors chosen to express the wedding. It is no surprise that color is so important when it comes to a wedding. It can establish the mood for the day and is chosen carefully to reflect the season, the unique personalities of the couple, and the theme that they are committed to. Colors can set the stage for the fairytale that is your wedding. Colors can soothe and colors can excite. Which is why seasonal weddings lean heavily on the choice of colors. We have a range of different options for you to explore, ensuring they are all seasonally appropriate, without being predictable. With the choicest unique winter wedding colors setting just the right canvas and the mood all warm and cozy, your holiday wedding is in for a grand success.


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