Capture Cozy, Autumnal Vibes in Your Photography

After the last of the barbecues have been attended and the tan lines from the beach days have started to fade, fall comes with its own set of colorful fireworks. There is something about fall that feels like a warm hug for your heart after being out cold for long. Cozy. Comforting. Summer is like a cool party and fall is like coming back home afterward to that familiar bed. Of course, the fact that fall comes bearing apple pies, pumpkin spice lattes, and the promise of the holidays just around the corner, are just a few reasons why we love fall so much. And one of the most important reasons: the plethora of warm colors painted across the landscape and couples in love!

‘Holiday coupling’ is a real thing with most people getting engaged, married or celebrating a love milestone. And we understand why! With the crisp air, crisper leaves, and the magical colors draping the surrounding with cinnamons and scarlets, can there be a better ambiance to paint your surroundings with love? Autumn comes armed with a myriad of photographic opportunities so that you can capture the fiery colors and moody vibe perfectly. Let’s run and jump through this list of things you can do to make the most of your fall pictures!

Changing leaves
Leaves change colors, fall, and sprinkle the ground with beauty. Who would think an end of something can also be the prettiest sight for an onlooker? The trees around this time are dressed up in every possible tone of yellow, orange, and red, providing a kaleidoscopic backdrop for making your autumn engagement session or autumn wedding pictures stand out! The autumnal trees are everywhere and it’s so simple, but they are still one of the most impactful props for a fall photoshoot!

Foliage and berries
Fall leaves are great and all, but adding berries and foliage to the frame can add an element of interest to your photographs, taking your fall photos up a notch. In case of a fall wedding, you can add in berry tones like red and burgundy, as well as green foliage in bouquets and attire to bring out the seasonal tones a bit more, while tapping on to the woodsy enchanting feel. It is universally appealing and is classic enough to last years to come.

Seasonal appropriation
Focus on textbook seasonal elements like closed in shots of leaves, pumpkin, apples, and such to bring out the seasonal relatability. Somethings are just so exclusively ingrained into a season, just their presence can spike up the seasonal value of an image. Make use of traditional fall elements and let them do the talking for you in those idyllic fall wedding photography and engagement sessions.

Textures and Patterns
Textures and patterns help a lot to add coziness to a romantic photoshoot. Play up the cold weather by adding warm and cozy elements. Classic fall patterns like plaids and checks never disappoint. You can also go for rich and bold jewel-tones like true red, forest green, navy, and burgundy. Add in textures like cozy knits or patterns, like dark florals, to add drama!

The Magical Hour
The magical two words which bring an iridescent glow to every photographer’s eyes-- golden hour! During the golden hour (essentially around sunrise and sunset), the sun is at a low position which results in an arresting golden glow. No doubt it is a pretty sight all year long. But in the fall, this effect is dramatized by the vibrant colors of the leaves. This means a magical glow that guarantees a pretty picture with every shot!

Dark and Dreamy
Reality check-most fall days can be dark and dreary! It can be a foggy and gray day but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean a bad day for your fall wedding photography. In fact, the photographs capturing the misty lakes and dark woods can be moody and dreamy in its own way, capturing the true essence of fall, giving the pictures a beautifully forlorn vibe. Don’t shy away from the dark and moody, this setting can create gems.

Autumn wedding pictures are more than just an encapsulation of a memory. It is definitely a mood in itself. A couple in love posing with nature’s masterpiece as a backdrop is truly mesmerizing. Nature has already provided, our job is to enhance the already pretty picture. Let us provide a pretty frame for you to fall in love with.

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