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Winter Wedding Favorites: Warm Up to the Idea of an Off-Season Wedding


While sunny days and blue skies appeal to most people, and understandably so, winter weddings have a charm of its own. The air is chilly, coaxing people to huddle up and seek comfort and shelter. There is something about battling the elements and cozying up and basking in the few basic necessities of life, which is surely humbling in its own way. It is symbolic of how love conquers all, and finds a way to let its presence be felt! 

 A winter wedding doesn’t necessarily have to depict an act of bravery. Taking the chance of snow, sub-zero temperatures, and general cold-weather inconveniences, embracing them, and forging ahead anyway, well, there is surely a romanticism there somewhere. 

 Let’s go through some of the things we absolutely love about a winter wedding!

 Holiday decor: It is not uncommon to see holiday or seasonal decor peeking its way into the wedding themes. It is almost unavoidable that the holiday decor makes a guest appearance on the winter wedding- it is the call of the hour! Also, we are of the opinion that it makes the wedding decor a little more magical. 

Grand fireplaces and candlelight: There is something about a roaring fire or a flicker of the candle in the cold weather which cannot be explained in words, but maybe the Danish word ‘hygge’ comes the closest to explaining the feeling. A winter wedding might not have the green lawn and poppy flowers, but it surely delivers the cozy vibe by the handful. 

Cozy fabrics and textures: This is the time to get creative with different textures so that you can keep the cold away. Heavier fabrics and cozier textures are used abundantly and in a way that does not compete or compromise the overall look of the outfit. Be it the bridal dress, the groom’s attire or the wedding party in general, the outfits sport a creative usage of luxe fabrics.

Seasonal foliage: Winter blooms and greenery have a lot that can make a winter wedding (basically) the prettiest. Think darker colored floral arrangements like burgundy, red, orange, etc. Darker leafy greenery might break the monotony in the most charming way. 

Season-approved makeup: Winter is definitely a mood in itself and using season approved makeup is the safest way of expressing those winter vibes. The bride can play it up with a bright red lip color or go for darker burgundy shades for a moodier twist. This adds to your wedding photography in the most dramatic way! 

Comfort food: Winter means hearty homecooked-style comfort food. Can we all agree on that? Great! So a lot of carbs might just be in order. Something about warm comfort food on a cold day has the superpower of leaving a smile on your guests’ faces. The food, the cake, the drinks, all wear the indulgent cloak of winter.


We love a winter wedding, and all that comes with it-the rosy cheeks and cold fingers, the improvised dressing with clever bridal jackets and shrugs, the intimate setting, the home-style food-all of it! We love the warm glow of celebration and cheer amidst the barren coldness, as the snow falls silently outside. We love the assurance that life can start in the warmest way. 

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