Dark and Dramatic Inspired Wedding Colors

Embrace your inner dark side by incorporating a dark color palette in your wedding! Summer wedding months often mean bright and bold colors, but we think darker tones are an excellent way to make your big day all the more special. Check out the following wedding color inspiration ideas:

The Darker the Better!

Navy blues, plum, burgundy and black are go-to colors for your wedding. Pair them up with hints of light blue or add splashes of citrus colors to bring major contrast and give homage to the summer months.

Grooms get a say, too!

Grooms look great in dark and alternative suit styles. For the groom suits, we suggest looking into burgundy, deep plum and navy. Brown is also making a comeback! It gives off an elegant and simple vibe and is perfect for anyone looking for groom inspiration looks.

Buoyant Bouquets:

Embellish your bridal bouquets in dramatic hues of red, purple and green. We think the dark wedding colors contrast beautifully with white bridal gowns and pastel bridesmaid dresses.

Cake Away!

Dark tiers of cake make a stunning contrast especially when designed with sequins. The look is dramatic, unique and far from the floral, whimsy look often seen in the summer months.

The Bridal Party:

Darker bridesmaid dresses contrast sublimely in the summer, especially when paired with lighter bouquets. Mix and match with pale flowers, light greenery, and textures and witness the breathtaking result.

Florals and Accents:

Purple and navy are classic wedding color palettes at any time of year! We love to see these colors whether it’s in attire, wedding details, floral arrangements or accents. Invest in geometric cake toppers and props in the same darker palette; it'll give your wedding photographer tons of ideas to create looks with!

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