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Citrus Hues to Color Your Big Day


Color has a way of evoking its own language, emotion, and aura. That’s why we consider color palettes to be a vital component when planning a wedding. But choosing a color palette for a wedding is no easy task. Which colors complement which season? Which will look great as an accent to bridal and bridesmaids dresses? Should you choose a color that signifies something personal or go with the trending options? All these questions may be troublesome, but we have a suggestion that works with almost everything. Citrus colors!


Citrus wedding color palettes are the ideal choice for spring and summer weddings, but they can redefine fall and winter weddings nicely too.


We’ve always been deeply inspired by lemon yellow, shades of orange, peach, coral and lime green for weddings (and we cover weddings for a living so, that says something, we think). From bouquets to accessories to wedding décor, these hues look fresh, lively, cheerful and are incredibly versatile. They even look great paired with other colors like pink, white and green. In fact, the variance in shades brings a modern feel and makes the citrus colors pop even more. Citrus palettes look lovely against complementary and neutral colors too. We think this color palette will lift anyone feeling the wedding planning blues.


Add these citrus shades in your wedding decorations through whimsical details like balloons, ribbons, patterned napkins, and bright signage. And when deciding the bridal look, incorporate the palette into your accessories. Bridal shoes are a great, fun way to do this. Also, have your bridesmaids wear a shade that you love and keep their bouquets simpler to balance the look.

Don’t forget the groom, though! We love the fun, happy feeling ties, bowties and boutonnieres in these colors can add to a wedding day look.


And when talking about wedding décor and themes, the sweet and rich desserts deserve a special mention because citrus hues added to macaroons, wedding cakes and donuts make them even sweeter. Beautifully delectable!


So, get your creative-thinking cap on and plan the most stunningly vibrant and cheerful wedding ever.


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