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Shoes that Sparkle for the Big Day


Someone wisely said that “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes”. And what could be more exciting and life-changing than the journey through marriage? That’s why today, we celebrate the love of shoes with some breathtaking bridal shoe inspiration to enhance your wedding day look.


Shoes pull the whole look together, so we say, don’t feel bad about investing in some breathtaking bridal shoes.


One thing to consider is your dress silhouette. Your dress may allow you to really show-off your shoes, or you may be able to opt for something that’s more comfortable and special at the same time. Whatever you choose, from small embellishments to tons of rhinestones and sparkle, a little bling will make you feel fabulous!


Small brooches on the toe look classic without being too over the top. Lace and gemstones look great together, too. Classic, sweet and glamorous!


Shoes embellished all over with rhinestones and sequins catch the light just right. They make for some gorgeous wedding day detail photos and look even more sophisticated in a single tone or color.


Looking for serious statement-making shoes? Large gems and stones, even on strappy heels, look absolutely stunning and effortless. We love this option for a high-low hem.


Metallics are a subtle choice that adds just a touch of glimmer to the look. Perfect for a simple but sophisticated bride!


They say that “All that’s gold does not glitter”, but we say it does when it comes to shoes. Go bridal in gold (or silver) inspired by Dorothy’s ruby slippers!


But modern brides might prefer a little edge with golden studded embellishments. We love unique, modern take on bridal accessories.


The casual, cool brides can bling-up their chucks with pearls and sequins. We love comfort and glamor combined together.


Life is too short to wear boring shoes. So be fearless, and make a statement with your bling-y bridal shoes.


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