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Let Monochromatic Bouquets Color Your Big Day


Colorful bouquets composed of a collection of different hues have graced many beautiful weddings. But if you want to go modern-classic with a single shade, we’ve got ideas!


Monochromatic wedding bouquets provide a burst of a single shade or similar-hued colors for a stunning effect. They contrast beautifully with white wedding gowns and look especially great paired with dresses that are heavily embellished. They are modern, chic and simple - but definitely make a statement! Read on for our tips to choose the best shade for your bouquet.


Make sure that your bouquet is stand-out, not stand-alone. Your bouquet should fit into your existing color palette so it compliments the other lovely details of your day. Choose a color from your wedding color theme, or match your theme to your flowers.


Love a certain flower? Build a bouquet around it. Love a certain color? Find different flowers you can use to create a bouquet. A variety of lovely flowers can be found in different hues. You can fashion a single flower bouquet, or use different flowers in a single color. The options are endless and always beautiful!


Green is usually the supporting foundation for your bouquet, with the flowers in focus. But focusing on the greenery can make for a unique bouquet, too. Green is rustic and minimal, and we like to see bouquets a little wild and unfussy.


All white is a neutral but absolutely classic choice. Glamorous and sophisticated, yet simple and elegant!


A fluffy bunch of blue hydrangea is perfect for spring and summer weddings. We love how dreamy and simple a bouquet like this can be.  


Another wonderful shade for summer weddings is pinky-coral. These colors pop against white and we love how happy this hue feels.


Red always makes a statement. A red bouquet paired with Snow White red lips looks truly gorgeous. Vibrant red in a mixed flower bouquet looks stunningly classic and impactful.


When it comes to differentiating your bouquet from your bridesmaids, choose a different shade. We like the idea of the same flower in a different color, or simple white bouquets will always compliment (especially if you’re going for the mismatched dress trend).


In the end, no matter your choice, your wedding flowers will be one of your prettiest accessories! Don’t be afraid to let that one color stand out.


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