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Take a Shine to Wedding Day Jewelry That’s Just Right


Bridal jewelry is literally the icing on the cake. But before you choose the right baubles for your big day, keep these tips in mind.


Match your metals.

If your dress or bridal shoes are embellished, make sure the metallic hues match your accessories. Ivory looks gorgeous with gold, pure white looks stunning with silver or platinum, and rose gold looks lovely with warm pink tones.


Dress the part.

Consider the cut of your dress when choosing your accessories. A statement-making cuff is made for a modern silhouette. Drop earrings are dramatic and glamorous, especially with an open neckline. We love the idea of skipping a necklace altogether and opting for one of these accessories instead.


Something old, something new.

Jewelry makes the perfect wedding day gift (and future heirloom). Gift something new, borrow something old, or mix the two. A vintage locket keeps a special someone close to your heart. Lace it through your bouquet or string it on a bracelet or necklace. Going for a classic look? Borrow pearls from a family member for the big day.


Keep it simple.

It’s easy to go overboard, but remember that a little sparkle goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to embrace simple bridal jewelry, especially if your dress is elaborately embellished. That’s jewelry in itself.


Make a statement.

A statement necklace is just that on your big day—an instant, easy adornment. Just make sure your neckline complements the shape of your accessories. For example, plunging necklines are practically made for pendants and lariats.


Hair flair.

Jewelry doesn’t end with earrings. Bridal hair pieces definitely make our luxe list. From embellished pins to elaborate headpieces, they can be every bit as intricate and investment-worthy as more expected jewelry pieces.


Most importantly, be yourself—whether you buck tradition for a stack of bangles or stick to the classics, you’ll shine like a diamond on your big day.


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