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8 Sweet Ways to Show Your Love On Your Wedding Day


How do you show your soon-to-be forever valentine that you love them, heart and soul? With these sweet wedding day gestures. Wedding day or Valentine’s Day, it’s all about heart.

Wedding day gifts don’t have to cost a thing. It’s the emotion behind it that tells a special story. Whatever you do, make it personal. Here are some of our favorite wedding exchange gift ideas.

Gifts For Him

Off the cuff. Monogrammed cufflinks and money clips offer slick wedding inspiration. They look sharp and he’ll think of you—and your big day—every time he wears them.

Get in the spirit. Help him get the party started (or just take the edge off!) with a premium cigar and the spirit of his choice. No surprise, this is a popular gift for grooms. What cold feet?

Timeless appeal. You can’t get more classic than a dapper timepiece. Extra points if you get it engraved with your wedding date and a sweet sentiment. He’ll countdown the minutes until you say ‘I do.’

Gifts For Her

Romance is in the air. Give your bride a beautiful bottle of her signature perfume, or choose a new wedding day fragrance that captures all the emotion of the day. After all, memories and scent go hand in hand.

Shine on. Give a little sparkle with a special piece of bridal jewelry that she can wear on your big day. It can be a classic pair of diamond studs in a little blue box (hint, hint), or a treasured heirloom necklace that she’ll always hold close to her heart.

Gifts For Both

Signed, sealed, delivered. Ah, love letters. Find some gorgeous stationery or opt for the perfect card and write your message inside. Capturing this emotional reaction is a favorite wedding photo of ours.

Family matters. Nothing says welcome to the family like a treasured heirloom. Think outside the jewelry box (though, that’s nice, too). A lace hanky, inscribed book or other longtime memento all mean so much.

A million reasons. Write all the reasons you want to marry your soon-to-be other half. Think of moments big and small, funny and sentimental, to paint a picture of how much you love them.

With a sweet gift, you can start the first day of the rest of your life with love, love, love.


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