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Fall for These Transitional Color Palettes


Planning a wedding in late summer or early fall can give you the best of both worlds. It's can be warm, but not hot, or cool, but not cold. You want a color palette to compliment the transitional season (and temperatures). Here are some of the best ways to bridge from summer to fall in your wedding color scheme. 


Citrus shades-- lime, lemon, and tangerine-- are sensational as the main color for summer weddings. They bring energy and vibrancy. For fall and winter color palettes, you can add them as a punch contrast to more muted hues. 


Pastels work for any season. You just need to change the way you style them. For the transitional from summer to fall, try pairing light pinks, purples, greys, and yellows, with metallics. If you want a stronger fall feeling, mix them with darker tones like burgundy and plum. 


Blue is timeless and classic for groom suits. For bridesmaids dresses and flowers, a pale blue is lovely for late summer weddings. As the season transitions, try going for darker shades or opt for a mix of dark and lighter blues. 

 Sand, Pinks, and Purples

Sandy shades are light and subdued enough to evoke the airiness of summer. When you combine with the purple, it gives it a warmth that evokes the tones of the upcoming seasonal shift. 

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