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All That Glitters is Gold in the Month of March


Congrats on finding your personal ‘four-leafed clover’ in that special person and deciding to make things official by tying the knot! However, if your spring wedding collides seamlessly with Saint Patrick’s Day and you want to pay an ode to the festive spirits and give the ‘pot of gold’ analogy a nod of acknowledgment, we’ve got ideas! Surprise-gold is the easiest color to incorporate in wedding decor, it doesn’t look aggressively intentional, it has a way of infusing into every possible theme quite seamlessly! It instantly makes a wedding gleam up and gives it an opulent appearance. Whether you are Irish or are just excited about the holiday in general, sprinkling a bit of leprechaun dust in your wedding details might be a great idea and can infuse some magic into your special day!


Gold is a rave favorite among brides for decades! We love that using gold as a shoutout to the festival is symbolic enough without it being overwhelming, which green has a way of being! Gold is timeless through the ages and abides by no seasonal or theme-based restriction. Let us go through some ways that you can incorporate something gold for your St Patrick’s Day wedding in!


Papergoods: Paper goods make good fillers and are a great way to present and play out a theme. Whether it is a wedding invite or table seating details displayed in gold foil details or the menu of the wedding reception done up in pretty gold accents, there is so much you can do in this section. From tiny calligraphy signages to tiny vow books and programs for the day with gold lettering, there is a lot of room in this section to explore and establish the gold theme here and there.


Dessert Table: Dessert table is a great creative outlet through which the Saint Patrick decor can be articulated. Delectable baked goods in opulent gold frosting can be quite a sight. Go heavy on the gold with your wedding cake and cupcakes and add intricate details to keep things looking pretty. If you wish to keep the gold in the cake to a minimum, go gold with the dessert-toppers! There are so many clever cake-toppers to choose from nowadays, that finding the gold-themed ones will be as easy as a breeze. 


Table Setting: Dress up your tables with touches of gold, and this is where you can go all out with your gold theme! The table setting is your playground for playing out all the options. This is where all your gold-colored silverware and plates and glasses with gold accents come out. In addition to the dinnerware, there is space to invite in some more gold by adding in a tealight holder or a candelabrum. The light from the candles makes the gold stand out with a shimmery glow. Isn’t that a magical view?


Bridal Dress: How about a dusting of gold in the bride’s wedding dress? We love the barely-there sparkle of gold here and there, like a shimmering piece of art. If you want to go more in-depth, go for gold beading and sequins which will give the dress a three-dimensional depth, adding to the regal look. Of course, this goes with the theme, but we say, Saint Patrick's Day or not, a wedding dress with touches of gold is always a win in our book! Want to add an extra whipping of gold? Get one of those decadent gold hangers to hand the dress on! This will surely provide the perfect setting for your wedding photographer to capture a frame-worthy wedding details shot!


Bridal Accessories:  Bring on the shine by adding bridal accessories that speak volumes and reflect the theme. How about a pair of shoes which shine like gold? Gold can also be easily incorporated as a sprinkling of bridal accessories, be it with some cleverly curated jewelry, some gold-accented hair accessories or the bridal bouquet! Be it a golden ribbon here or a glimmer of sparkle there, there is always space for gold in the bridal ensemble. Don’t worry, it’s never too much, when it comes to gold tones, especially at a wedding!


Dash of luck: Pay attention to the bride’s and groom’s accessories and add specks of gold here and there to tie in the theme and produce a powerful effect. Since the significance of the four-leafed clover is huge in St. Patricks Day, how about including the same in small accessories for an extra dash of luck? Cuff links in gold with the imprint of the clover can act as a good luck charm on the wedding day, and can look stylish too! The bride can get a small broach or hair accessory with the same motif to mirror the luck!


Rings: What better way to incorporate the gold theme than the most obvious piece of jewelry in a wedding-the ring! Skip the silver, white gold or the platinum and go for the yellow gold. There is something classically beautiful and regal about a gold ring and it goes with the Saint Patrick’s Day theme of your wedding too! With matching gold rings and sparks of gold throughout your wedding decor will bring the whole look together in a seamless manner. And don’t do it just for the theme’s sake, as a glittery gold wedding band will be pretty irrespective of the theme.


While most people shy away from committing to a festive wedding, some love incorporating a festival that they love into their wedding day and let it fuse. The effect is usually enchanting and well-received! People have twice the fun, and it takes the pressure off the wedding a little bit, which is always a relief and lets the couple unwind and have fun! Festive-themed weddings can be extremely fun, and when its St. Patrick’s Day, there is a celebratory vibe in the air which is quite easy to catch on. Whether its pops of shamrock green or glimmers of gold, dressing up your wedding a little for the festival can be a bunch of fun. Eat, drink, and be merry! And the best part of St. Patrick's Day-summer is almost here!


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