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Jenna and Asher’s Kansas City Circus Wedding is Full of Magic!


Are you ready for a fairytale wedding? Or is it a carnival? With this wedding, you can’t really tell! This is the wedding which welcomes you enticingly to the magical land of Jenna and Asher, where there are smoke and mirrors, just the right amount of whimsy, and a whole lot of magic in the air! This vintage circus fairytale themed wedding was the perfect proportion of Mary Poppins and Cirque du Soleil, and miraculously, it just clicked perfectly!

Jenna and Asher tied their knot at The Bauer In Kansas City, MO, and the location is stunning, in lack of a better word! The exposed wall detail dressed up in yards of floaty tulle fabric draped over and strings of fairy lights looked interesting in a dystopian celebratory way. This added excellently to the overall texture of this wedding, contrasting perfectly with the vintage bursts of details throughout. There was a thread of whimsy woven through everything - the cake (we LOVE the cake!), the oxford dress shoes, the pop of blue in the groom’s attire, and the umbrella, and the overall effect is enchanting!

Jenna looked like a dream dressed in her ivory dress with beaded detail on the bodice and a flared skirt that hid yards of kaleidoscopic tulle fabric underneath. The back of her dress dipped low and her caramel-colored hair was done up in an elegant updo with a mere hint of vintage in it. The bridesmaids were dolled up all pretty in lacey pink dresses with a pencil skirt cut. Asher’s outfit was a party on its own. His poppy blue tail suit, monochrome oxford shoes, and white boutonniere all spoke of a fun time and went perfectly with the theme of the wedding. The groomsmen complemented the look with grey pants, white shirt, and blue suspenders.

The artfully choreographed outdoor shoot was a delight to watch. The usage of colored smoke bombs added that element of whimsy to the frames. The portrait shots taken with the background of autumnal leaves came out perfect and the color composition is delightfully warm as opposed to the classic blues. The pictures of the entire wedding party came out like a beautiful symphony and made the perfect keepsake. The brown mural provided the perfect backdrop for the Kansas City wedding photographer to capture the gorgeous bride in a few solo shots. The apt addition of the striped umbrella added the perfect dash of ‘fairytale’.

This Kansas City wedding photographer delicately captured the little details which made this wedding so special. The magnificent cake, the dancing couple, the showman doing tricks for the wedding guests, everything was captured beautifully. The vanity table with the lightbulbs and the bride posing in that epic shot was surely the one for keeps!

This was a wedding that leaves your heart warm and lets you rediscover that child-like wonder of magic. This coaxes you to believe. In love. In magic. It leaves you content with hope and a lingering feel-good feeling as you take that ride back home. All said and done, this is one couple who for sure knows how to keep the magic alive amidst the day to day!


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