Wedding Details: All that Glitters, Shimmers, and Sparkles!

If there ever is a time to turn in the glitter, glimmer, and shimmer, it’s at a wedding! It is surely a socially acceptable platform for you throw glitter around like confetti, and sneakily label it as your ‘wedding aesthetic’. Not only does it add in that streak of glam to anything pain and boring, but it also gives any event a celebratory vibe. The great thing about glitter- it has a way of blending with most of your wedding themes when done right-art deco, gothic, traditional or boho.


If you are curious about different ways that you can sneak in that sheen in your wedding, say no more! We come at you with shimmery table settings, accessories, eatables and then some more! Ready? Let’s hop in!


Reception tables: The reception table is your playground to incorporate the glitter touches. Add in a stunning gold sequin table runner if you want to go big or opt for a black sequined runner to add in dramatic contrast in good measure. You can also add in sparkle with crystal candelabras, tealight holders and napkin holders. Sparkly silverware and china with glitter accents can take it a step further. 


Lighting: Lighting plays an important role in adding that sparkle to an ambiance. Sparkly chandeliers go a long way to do sparkle in a glam way. You can add string lights abundantly to give the ‘starry night’ feel and warm up any space. Strategically placed candlelights also helps in giving that glowed-from-within look. Let your wedding photographer capture the glow in stunning frames.


Accessories: Accessories, aptly known to bring out the best in an outfit, is a great space for you to spread the sparkle. And the opportunities are endless and its quite easy to implement sparkle when potentially most of the pieces of jewelry and hair accessories and tiaras already exist with a mission to sparkle. You can add in that extra shine with some sparkly nail tips and some shimmery shoes.


Bridesmaids dresses: Ok, this one is certainly not one of the more subtle ways to implement shimmer, but it’s surely a memorable one. Dressing up your bridesmaids in shimmery dresses can be a great idea to amp up the glitter-o-meter by several notches. Not ready to commit? Use accents of shimmer instead to tone it all down a little.


Eatables and accessories: Let us let you in on a little secret-eatables can double up as decor too, especially when it comes to the sweet table! Metallic foil accents on the cake can add a bit of glam and an element of interest to the cake. Cupcakes and donuts with glitter sprinkled in it can also play up the shimmering theme. You can also take advantage of the drink stirrers, cake toppers, and cocktail accessories to infuse some shimmer.


Paper goods and monograms: Paper goods like table setting placards, the program of the wedding, streamers, and banners also help in amping up the glitterati. A font with gold glitter lettering (or glitter lettering of any color for that matter) will tie in the shimmer from the other decor elements, pulling the look together with great flair. Cutout letter block and monograms with glitter details also make a great impact and also lends a lot of wedding photography opportunities.


Trends come and go, some to get an enthusiastic nod of approval, while some fall flat in the face. But some things have a forever kind of appeal. Sometimes everything looks close to perfect, but you might still feel it in your bones that something is missing. A touch of glitter is probably all that you need! With a little sparkly shine here and there, you will probably see a world of difference. Also, all the things you hear about too much glitter? Well, there is no such thing, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Go ahead and go crazy!

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