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Wedding Color Combos that Work for Any Season


Wedding colors seem to carry the weight of translating the mood of a wedding on its delicate shoulders! It is colors that maintain the perfectly balanced aesthetic harmony of the wedding, and choosing the right tones can make all the difference. This is exactly why couples spend so much time and energy finding the perfect color combinations which flow nicely with their wedding theme, while still being seasonally appropriate. Is it any surprise whenever we think of a spring wedding, we think of pretty pastels and barely-there hues, and come colder weather, we expect jewel tones and deeper richer tones? Not really! There are just some colors that seem to favor a certain season better than others. Wouldn't it be great if there were some cheat color combinations that are promised to work, irrespective of season and theme? 


Surely enough, some color combinations seem to have managed to trick the seasons and have discovered the secret to being eternally appealing! Today, we will go through some color combinations that seem to remain unaffected by the turns of season and waves of trends. The evergreen hues which refused to be put into a box and classic combination which seems to work just as beautifully in July as in January!


Blush and Light blue

There is something about the barely-there hues of blue and pink which seem to work together really well. The combination is eternally romantic and elegant. This color-duo is a good base and you can give this any direction you want! The delicate feminine tones of blush are complemented by the powder blue hues, bringing in a sense of balance which is non-confrontational and quite amiable. Not only is the softer romantic color scheme to be fitting for a romantic occasion like a wedding but it is also the perfect base for any bold accents that you might want to introduce. 

How to work it- Even though the colors are traditionally pastel, adding metallic hues can add character to them. Silvery shimmery touches make the vibe more light and airy while adding gold and brass accents will give this color palette a 'warm' persona. With your foundational colors being strong, you can also add a vibrant accent color in the warmer months, a more moody hue for a winter wedding. And even if you don't, you already have a good thing going!


Navy and Gold

Navy and gold is a timeless color combination, yet it can be introduced in a fresh way at every wedding! A classic combination with a touch of regality, navy, and gold, can instantly add depth to a setting. Navy is one of those colors which, despite being a deep and rich color, is equally at home in a more summery situation! Maybe it’s the nautical stripes which made it more summer-ready, or maybe it’s just a flexible color, but a rich tone of navy works equally well for a summer soiree as well a cozy winter do! 

How to work it- There are various ways you can use navy and gold in your wedding theme. While the navy color provides a solid broody base for you to work with, gilded gold adds a touch of royalty to any wedding. You can also go ahead and add a third color to help you translate yourself better. While you can add a lighter shade of blue or gray to make this combination more summer-friendly, and let it play on its own or add touches of burgundy for colder weather! We promise this combination will instantly add a rich and dramatic flair to your special day!


Black and White

If there was a truly classic combination, it is black and white! The juxtaposition of opposites is eternally alluring and has been used in weddings for generations, and will be for several generations more! It immediately infuses a wedding with an elegant vibe and smoothly works across all themes, seasons, and budgets. From classic to noir, from dramatic to regal, a black and white wedding can work with almost every vision.  It can be minimal yet modern, formal yet timeless- and it never gets boring. 

How to work it- Black and white are easy colors to incorporate, be it in clothing, decor, or accents, as in most cases, it naturally pops up. Be it the white of the dress or the black of the tux, it is very easy to lean into this and extend this color palette from the basics to being a whole theme of its own. One can add textures and interest with greenery, flowers, and by introducing an accent color to match the vision. Gold works phenomenally with this color duo!


Green and White

There is something eternally refreshing about the combination of green and white. It is soothing, peaceful, and appealing to the senses, and can easily tap into any wedding theme humanely imaginable. While green in general gives plenty of options on its own, from bright and fresh true-green to pastel hues and teals and evergreen tones, the outcome is different every time! The color combination together can speak in so many languages that it’s truly marvelous. Whether you want to give off an earthy and minimal vibe, or an elegant and classy one, the combination works whichever way you want it to!

How to work it- White and green is a pretty easy color scheme to incorporate, just think lots of foliage! In hair, in the wedding cake, in decor, in bridal bouquet- everywhere! You can still choose the green to match with your vibe you want and you can go for a purer white or a cream. Whichever way you go through, the result will be clean refreshing, and extremely inviting. While you can go for a cozy winter wonderland route for a winter wedding, with lots of rustic elements, you can also go for an outdoorsy and whimsical flair for your summer wedding. The options are truly endless with this one!


Shades of pink

There is a reason pink and weddings go together so well. It is irresistibly romantic, soft, and delicate and signifies love. While pink has been used in weddings for a long haul now, there are various shades of pink which communicate in different ways. While a pale pink is heartbreakingly feminine yet elegant, a bolder pink can be quite a statement. Some would say there is a pink for every wedding vision, and we will agree! Whether it is the peak of heat or the cozy day of winter, pink still holds its ground as one of the most romantic shades in the history of color, and we will continue seeing it for a long long while!

How to work it- 

You can mix in the barely-there shades of pink with white and luscious green for a fresh spring and summer look, with a wispy romanticism to it. You can go for pink with a heavy dose of gold for a more elegant and classy look, or a vibrant mix of bold pink, orange and yellow for a more summer-appropriate tropical-inspired look. Darker pinks teamed with emerald or royal blue can make a good feature in your winter wedding! With pink, you can’t really go wrong, whether it is a hero color in itself, or is carefully mixed with other hues.


Orange and Fuschia

When thinking of colors, chances are you wouldn’t think of orange and fuchsia together, but surprisingly, it works! While some would say combining two strong colors together is a big no-no, if going bold is your style, go ahead! Deeper moody Fuschia hues meet the bright and summery tangerine tones to create a deliciously vibrant result. Amazingly unexpected and not governed by seasons, this combination can work as well in winter as it does in winter! Being on the same side of the color wheel, they have echoing undertones, which in turn acts as a seamless gradient rather than two contrasting shades.

How to work it- Orange and Fuschia are both strong colors, which means the other colors at play should be subdued and neutral. It works amazingly with whites and green foliage for a perfect summer outdoor party. Pairing it with metallics can invite a regal touch to it, or go all out and add navy or a marigold tone to the mix, providing perfect contrast for a colder weather wedding! With colors so bright, the only way to rock it is to have fun with it!


Mauve and Gold

Mauve is a color that seems to have made a bold presence in the world of fashion and it's only natural that it has trickled down to the bridal fashion too. While it is stunning on its own, teamed with gold, it is a stellar combination. A modern brides’ hot favorite, mauve, and gold is having a moment for a while now, and for good reason. For an ultra-romantic wedding theme with a sprinkle of class, mauve and gold are a pair made in heaven. Think romantic rustic feel with splashes of vintage gold and touches of wood throughout, for romantic candles and swooping calligraphy invitations. Rustic glam yet feminine, this winning combination is a winning duo of, as it takes the classic formula and gives it a modern spin! 

How to work it-  Mauve and gold are a color combination that is delicate without being overtly feminine and has a moody undercurrent to it. A grown-up version of pale pink, mauve is multi-faceted and works well in the heat of summer and in the crisp winter quiet unwaveringly. Paired with gold, it is appropriate for an event as amazing as a wedding. Mauve paired with gold would be great for summer when paired with evergreen foliage and creams, while teamed with touches of maroon and darker jade, the combination works perfectly with the crisp air. Universally appealing, perfect with every theme, classically feminine yet modern, mauve and gold sure is a color combination made in heaven. 


Jewel pastels

While the more saturated colors of jewel tones like amethyst, emerald, and sapphire are often associated with fall and winter, the more muted counterparts of these beautiful jewel tones are more flexible and can work throughout the year! While colors like pastel jade, mauve, and lavender create a welcome relief from the typical summer colors, it also effortlessly carries the vibe to the cold weather, lending a totally different subdued yet cozy vibe altogether! Incredibly trendy yet vintage-inspired with a touch of bohemia, these colors work year-round, and deliver quite an impact!

How to work it- Add a bit of whimsy and lean on to the bohemian vibes with explosive inclusive of greenery and wildflowers and a woodland paradise feel. Not only do they photograph well, but these colors can also work equally well with an elegant addition of gold and a rustic wooden theme. Dress up your bridesmaids with mismatched subdued jewel tones and let the shades do the talking. While you can keep it light and airy in the summer, you can add some more true jewel tones as complementary additions during winter, while still letting the pastels run the show! 


Every once in a while comes with a color combination that seems to linger on a little longer than usual and blends effortlessly with the changes in season. While some of the above-mentioned color combos have been challenged and have successfully passed the test of time, some are trendy favorites that seem to miraculously work for all seasons! Having a color combination which works year-round allows you to brave the winds of an unexpected change of plans a bit more gracefully, and helps you be more flexible. It also allows you to plan for a dream wedding well in advance, as your plans will not be knocked over by a trend, as they have higher longevity! If your wedding plans recently faced a preponement or postponement, or you are planning for your wedding well in advance, we hope this article helps you craft a wedding color palette that works perfectly!


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