Trend Alert! All You Need to Know about Fall 2020 Wedding Trends

Fall 2020 will have a lot of wedding trends to look forward to, giving couples a chance to go all out on their big day! There are plenty of opportunities to fuse timeless ideas and in-the-moment touches.

We’re giving our couples a sneak peek of fall 2020 wedding trends this season, so you can get planning!

Indoor Photo Ops:

Forgo some of the rustic, outdoorsy landscapes for cozy and picturesque indoor spots. Beautiful, homey, and a touch modern, these indoor settings capture a unique take on Autumn 2020 weddings. A minimalistic and modern looking barn would provide couples with a great fall aesthetic and breathtaking wedding photos.

Modern Fall:

Ditch your traditional topper and go a little casual-cool for your day. Jean jackets or leather jackets are great for photos. Consider them for your bridal party for awesome group photos, or go his and hers for couples portraits. Practical and stylish, they are an ideal choice if you want to stay comfortable and fashionable on your big day. Add personalized details to make things more unique. Autumn wedding trends also make for adorable photography! 

Patterned Vibes:

We love when couples create a layered look on the wedding day. Play up the overall aesthetic with a perfect patterned tie or shirt for the groom. Floral and eclectic patterns are making their way into the cooler seasons, too! You can even add some funky geometric patterns to pay homage to modern sensibilities.

Seasonal Sleeves:

Whether they’re capped, quarter, long, or off-the-shoulder, you can never go wrong with this classic autumn bridal look. But combined with modern bridal design, the look is edgy, gorgeous and totally 2020.

A Pop of Color:

Bring in some bright colors to pop against those cooler gray fall days. A fall 2020 wedding is all about unexpected pops of red, marigold and bright, bright yellow. Brights (dare we say, even neons) look incredible paired with the more saturated, traditional hues of the season. 

Oversized Blooms:

Pair oversized blooms with seasonally inspired bouquets. Try out the look of a lush, oversized bouquet or a bouquet made up of strictly large blooms. Floral hoops are perfectly unique for bridesmaids, too.

Tiny Takes on Tradition:

Mini cakes decked out with seasonal flair. Consider the charm upped with multiple mini cakes, rusticly decorated or perfectly done. Add one to each reception table for the ultimate sweet centerpiece. 

Pop-Up Photo Opps:

Fun décor elements such as Winnebagos, tents, and pop-up lounge areas are the ultimate in autumn wedding photography. They're a real treat for the guests, especially when a fun wedding activity is involved. Think hot chocolate bars, photo booths and cocktail areas.

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