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Annalise & Colin’s Romantic, Jewel Toned Wedding, Philadelphia


We wish we could ‘have and hold’ this classic and charming wedding from Annalise and Colin! Held at the Anthony Wayne House, their Philadelphia wedding photographer captured the most beautiful moments of their day!  

We think this is a creative, thoughtful, and surprisingly practical gift for your hubby-to-be: his own personalized bottle of his favorite liquor. Your guy and groomsmen might be able to take a sip before the ceremony to calm the jitters, but you didn’t hear it from us!

How can you not love the grandmother as the “flower girl?” And having the grandfathers carry the ‘Here comes the bride’ sign down the aisle - so adorable! It’s a non-traditional way to include them in your day.

The dog dressed up as a groomsman. Woof! (That’s dog speak for “too cute!”)

The altar piece is amazing…. And even more beautiful when you know it was a do-it-yourself piece! The chalkboard and twinkle lights are easy to make for your own DIY wedding.

You may not notice it, but there’s a hint of jewel toned hues everywhere! From not only the bridesmaids dresses and robes but to the bouquets, cake toppers to even Annalise’s lipstick! Coupled with the rich navy and dark green foliage, these are gorgeous fall wedding colors that lend to a romantic and lush feeling.

The vintage frames attached to this old door add a unique, elegant feel. They even hold the table assignments and would be pretty easy to replicate.

For those that want to celebrate the day with a stogie, how cool is it to have your very own cigar bar?! We’re sure your guy will love it.

We also love all the marquee lights! Not just the ‘&’ but also the ‘LOVE’ letters. They really brighten up the place, don’t you think?

And that is how a Fall wedding is done, friends!


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