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Alexandra & Brian Put the Win in Winter Wonderland


Nothing captures the spirit of the season like a young couple in love in a snow-filled postcard setting. Alexandra and Brian’s winter engagement session at the gorgeously snowy location of Blue Hills Reservation near Boston is everything that a winter engagement entails. The rosy warm glow of love against the pristine background painted clean with a dusting of snow is something that looks straight out of a Hallmark Christmas card. 

The location does half the job with its snowy curtain of magic. Located a stone's throw away from downtown Boston, Blue Hills Reservation provided the cozy green oasis in an urban territory. With crisp air, jaw-dropping views and so many trails to explore, this is the perfect spot for an outdoorsy couple to declare their engagement to the world. 

The enchanting location provided cutesy and cozy spots by the bunch and painted such a pretty picture, it felt like the couple was inside a lovely dream in the winter wonderland. The glimmer of the stark white snow was bright and fresh, the sky was blue, and there was the smell of magic in the air. The sun streaming down on the fresh snow illuminated the area with an ethereal glow, enabling their Boston wedding photographer to capture the spell forever.

Alexandra looked warm and cozy in her cream knits and blue jeans and the practical brown snow boots and olive green coat added depth to her look while keeping her toasty. Brian in his blue plaid shirt and blue jeans added just the right helping of the third color-blue, which is also reflected in the color of the sky, and ties the pictures together in a happy agreement. 

Alexandra and Brian brought in a fun contrast with the red and black checkered scarf and looked warm and cozy snuggled together as the snow continued falling. We love how perfectly adorable the pictures by the outdoor wooden fencing looked, and the love and excitement of the engaged couple transcended excellently in the photos.

These snowy engagement photos are as refreshing as the freshly falling snow and serve the perfect engagement session inspirations for other winter couples. With a panoramic view as beautiful as this, every photo is a masterpiece by default. And even with all the snow around them, the look that the couple exchange throughout the shoot is like they are seeing a special little snowflake for the first time. If that’s not love, we don’t know what is! 


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