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Walking in a Wedding Wonderland


'Tis the season for an unforgettable wedding. When you're planning a wedding, small details can pack a big punch. These are our favorite winter wedding details that will transport your guests and give your wedding a truly magical feel.

If You Like It, Then You Better Put a Sleeve on It

Long sleeved dresses for the bride and bridesmaid stave off goosebumps and bring a regal elegance. The royals love a long-sleeved wedding dress, and who doesn't want to be in the company of Megan Markle and Kate Middleton?

Sumptuous Wraps

Another option for keeping everyone feeling toasty is to don a wrap or shawl, especially for outside wedding photography. A fur wrap lends vintage charm to the affair. Pashminas evoke understated simplicity. Plaid wraps keep things cozy and can feel preppy or country, depending on how they're styled. Looking for something a little edgier? Opt for a leather jacket instead!

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

If you think the adults in your bridal party might be shivering on your wedding day, that's doubly true for the little ones. Make sure they're warmly dressed with long sleeves, matching wraps, stunning capes, or smart overcoats.

Don't Forget the Boys

Plaid ties look like flannel and can give the groom's party a cozy look. Classic tartan patterns, like Black Watch and Royal Stewart, combine the winter spirit of plaid with a polished refinement.

Adorn Yourself

Flower crowns aren't just for spring and summer. Adorn yourself with a winter flower crown of seasonal blooms and greenery for a look that's as fresh as the bride.

Picture Perfect

Your wedding photographer will be full of knowledge when it comes to the perfect photo locations, but here are some of our favorite approaches to winter wedding photos. Seek out locations that are pre-decorated for the holidays. That way you can achieve that magazine-level grandeur without the additional legwork. If you're lucky enough to have some flurries, get out there in the snow! A few minutes of frigid feet are worth it for that picture-perfect moment. Don't shy away from indoor photos, either. These portraits can feel perfectly intimate. Just remember to tell your photographer ahead of time, so they can bring the right equipment.


Use winter or holiday graphics on invitations and signage for some festive flair! For a seasonal touch that works well past the holidays, try snowflake accents.

Go Green

Winter greenery is a wonderful way to bring seasonal florals into your event. Whether you opt for evergreen garland or hearty eucalyptus leaves, it's sure to add a level of refinement. Wood slices and pine cones also fit nicely into a woodsy winter theme and will transform your venue into an enchanted forest.

Or Make It Red

Ruby red is a classic color for winter floral arrangements. Berries make great winter accents in bouquets, on cakes, and as a part of table centerpieces.

Winter White

Go for a white bouquet and/or cake for a wedding that feels sparkling and bright in monochrome.

Blankets, Blankets, Blankets

Instead of a traditional guest book, invite guests to sign a cozy quilt. After the wedding, you can embroider over each of the signatures (or hire someone else to do it) to make sure that the blanket will last as long as your love. Let guests get in on the action, too, by sending them home with a warm throw as a favor.

Seal it With a Kiss

Don't forget to include some mistletoe. The most iconic seasonal symbol of romance will be a big hit at your nuptials. For extra fun, hang the mistletoe over the photo booth.

For more wedding inspiration, check out the rest of the blog. Come winter, spring, summer, or fall, we've got everything you need to plan the perfect wedding.


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