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Captivate your winter wedding with these seasonal flower crowns!


Often when we talk about brides wearing stunning flower crowns, we think of warm summer weddings with lots of bright flowers in bloom. But who says flower crowns are just for summer weddings? Fall and winter flower crowns are a showstopper for every wedding regardless of the season.

Flower crowns are one of many beautiful ways to enhance your look and style on your wedding day. For winter weddings, flowers are a great option to add color and vibrancy to your settings. Try an all-white and green flower crown or one with lots of greenery and pale pinks. Should your big day fall in between the fall and winter seasons, you can turn to more bold colors such as burnt orange or burgundy, which both create a fall yet wintry feel.

We often associate flower crowns with the effortlessly boho-chic accessory, but they can be all out glam too. Here are a few ideas for winter and fall flower for wedding day inspiration.  

Sparkle with green:

Add a little sparkle wherever you go with the cascading greenery flower crown.

Soft and Elegant:  

Evoke a gorgeous winter princess feeling with pale pinks, whites, and other pastels with a touch of greenery.  

Royal and Chic:

Crowns are a must for a royal wedding and to create that chic and royal feel, baby’s breath is a great option.

Bold meets light:

A combination of bold and bright autumn colors like red or purple with soft winter colors like  pastels or white make a stunning wedding flower crown.

Flower crowns are not just popular, they make for gorgeous wedding photographs as well. But did you know flower crowns are also considered to be a sign of good luck for a couple? It’s said a  halo of blooms brings good fortune during the year. That sounds amazing!

Should you choose bold and bright or all white and pastels, we are sure you will captivate the entire room at your fall or winter wedding.


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