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3 Fresh Ideas For Summer Wedding Flowers


If you’re planning a summer wedding, you literally have your pick of the most lush and beautiful blooms nature has to offer. How best to use them? We’ve got a few ideas!

Here are 3 fresh ideas for summer wedding flowers:

1. Bouquets
Go monochromatic with blush pink garden blooms, or op for something psychedelic with an eclectic mix of wildflowers. As for shape, keep it neat and classic with a small bunch, or be more expressive with a cascading bouquet. Don’t forget to incorporate lush foliage into your bouquet, whether it’s eucalyptus, ferns or clematis. Not only is greenery Pantone’s color of the year, but grassy bouquets are also a huge up-and-coming trend.

2. Centerpieces
Your centerpiece is no doubt a major focal point of your outdoor wedding decor. Go low and lush or high and airy, but either way, the most interesting arrangements include a mix of blooms for texture and interest. Get creative with an artful tableau of elements like lanterns, wreaths of greenery or clustered vases. Try going all green by draping a eucalyptus garland across the table. We also love the look of fresh-cut wildflowers gathered as airy accents on the ceremony aisle chairs - this will make for a charming shot captured by your wedding photographer.

3. Accessories
When it comes to hair, the possibilities are endless! For a boho touch, opt for a flower crown. This look is especially romantic with a trail of lace or chiffon ribbon flowing down your neck. For a more modern take on this trend, try pinning a cluster of wildflowers to your hair. For the boutonnieres, experiment with unexpected flowers wrapped in a textured material, like twine or burlap.

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