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9 Lucky Rituals for Your Wedding Day


Looking for a lucky charm on your wedding day? With St. Patrick’s Day just over the rainbow, we’re inspired by all the special wedding rituals that bring good luck. Here are our nine faves.

Something Old/New/Borrowed/Blue

This old adage brings meaningful tems together that tie together past, present and future:

Something old represents the bride’s past.

Something new celebrates the couple’s happy future together.

Something borrowed should be from someone that is happily married, so that good fortune will follow.

Something blue symbolizes love and fidelity.

Veiled In Protection

Cathedral length or birdcage, veils don’t just top off your wedding day look. Traditionally, they were worn to ward off evil spirits who were jealous of happiness.

Wedding Showers

Your hair may feel otherwise, but rain on your wedding day is actually a good thing. Wedding day showers are said to be lucky because they bring fertility and cleansing.

Carry On

Carrying the bride over threshold is also rooted in the superstition of warding off evil spirits. But we think this classic act makes a really sweet and memorable photo.

Pass the Tissues

Let the happy tears flow (as long as you’ve doubled down on waterproof mascara). Crying on your wedding day symbolizes that you won’t have any tears to cry during her marriage.

Bury the Bourbon

And then find it and celebrate! The southern tradition of bury the bourbon is said to ward off rain on the wedding day. But if it doesn’t work, rain can be a good thing, as we now know.

Top It Off

How sweet is this? A vintage cake topper passed down from another successful marriage and happy wedding day symbolizes marital stability.

Wear the Crown

Flower crowns are more than a boho-chic accessory. A halo of blooms is said to bring good fortune during the year.

Back in the Saddle

Show your playful side with a game of horseshoes. This long-standing is thought to represent a crescent moon, which is a symbol of fertility.



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