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Emily & Joshua’s Bohemian Boston Farm Wedding


You know the kind of love that gives you that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling and makes you want to skip down a street? That’s the only way we can describe the wedding day vibes we feel from Emily and Joshua -- and we got to witness it all at their Boston wedding at Moraine Farm.

Both were ready to savor every sweet (and playful) moment at their Moraine Park wedding, thanks to 175 acres of country estate, forests and views of Wenham Lake. Their venue was essentially one big, colorful Secret Garden, a joyful haven away from the Boston bustle. 

Emily and Josh knew how to liven things up in cheerful, bright hues. Joshua was cheery and handsome in his lemonade yellow neck tie and crisp boutonniere.  Emily wore a V-neck sheath gown covered in vintage lace -- and topped with a bright floral crown. She sure made for one beautiful bohemian bride!

The couple’s wedding photographer also captured the unique moments of love and tenderness that Emily and Joshua shared -- from kisses and blissful gazes down to bursts of laughter. It’s easy to see these two love to have fun and aren’t afraid to be kids at heart. Vows were exchanged in a forest clearing under patterned triangular handkerchiefs, and the two walked down the grass aisle with a bursts of colored confetti sprinkling around them. The whole wedding was one grand (and festive) garden party!

Emily and Joshua ended their night by dancing under stranded string lights in an open tent, collecting memories from their perfect day. A dream wedding straight out of a storybook, we must say! 

Emily and Joshua can be proud of how their enchanting Boston wedding photography turned out. Thanks for brightening up our days (and wedding inspo), E+J!


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