Unconventional Bridesmaids Getting-Ready Outfits

Do you know what is the most fun part of your wedding day? Yeah, we hear you, the vows and the altar, they are up there, but the getting-ready part of the day deserves a mention of its own. It is the last regroup with your closest crew before you step out to as your married self. It is the happy amalgamation of a pajama party and pregaming-and comes with double the fun! There is a relaxed excitement in the air, there is music, the bubbly is making everyone happy and giddy, and you all prance and preen yourself for the awesome evening which waits ahead! Isn’t it amazing?


While it is all about the close sisterhood at the end of the day, the matching bridesmaid getting-ready outfits make it so much more fun! It is like the bride’s own personal cheer team, while she walks on to her ‘happily ever after’. And the matching outfits help because-photos (duh)! While the common go-to outfit of choice is a silky robe of some kind, we are here to give you some other options that you can look into, and switch things up. This will not only step up your getting-ready photos but will make the bridesmaid feel like a million bucks! Let’s check out the potential bridal preoutfits for your 2020 wedding!


Rompers: Meet the clothing option which walks the thin line between sleepwear and acceptable outfit. Rompers are cute, comfy, no-fuss and are easy to get in and out of, making them the perfect getting-ready outfit. You can get matching printed rompers for all the girls, or go for complementary prints or shades. The possibilities are infinite.


Satin pajama sets: Satin pajama sets look incredibly luxurious and feel great to wear too. You can either go for the full pant sets or choose a shorts set for the warmer season. Amp up the luxe by getting the names of the girls embroidered in the back of the pockets. It will make an amazing keepsake, something that they can reuse for years to come.


Embroidered button-ups: Button-ups are a fun way to give character to your chilled-out getting-ready party! It has the assessability of the robe, but the individuality of its own, making it the perfect pre-wedding outfit. You can do so much with the button-up options, and make it your own by adding specific details. You can add special embroideries to commemorate the event forever for you as well as your girl team. 


Customized tanks and tees: Don’t rule out the customized bridal team t-shirts or tanks out just yet. Nothing shouts ‘Team Bride’ quite like a bridal team with your favorite girls wearing shirts spelling out their support! You can shake things out a little by putting in a customized quote or anthem. There are so many creative options for you to choose from.


Slip Dresses: Simple slip dresses can look incredibly classy and are also very easy to wear, making them a favorite outfit choice for many. Slip dresses are trendy right now, as silky lingerie-inspired outfits are on the rise, so the girls can definitely reuse them in the future. Also, they will definitely give your getting-ready photography a timeless spin.


The getting-ready part of the wedding holds a lot of fond memories, both for the bride and the groom, and the ensemble holds the ability to make this memorable moment a lot more photo-friendly. With a getting-ready outfit which is not a robe, (we love the robes too, don’t get us wrong!) the wedding will stand a little apart from the rest. Here to the costumes which dress up the bridesmaid, the special ladies who act as the shining stars to the night sky of your wedding!

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